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TeamViewer Quick Support for Android and iOS (iPhone / iPad) - Problems

I was trying to help a user through configuration of a new Android Galaxy device the other day and asked him to installed the TeamViewer QuickSupport client.

My understanding now is that the generic Quick Support client from the Google Store only allows screen viewing.  For remote control, a supported manufacturer-specific version of Quick Support needs to be installed.  Quick Support for Samsung, for example.

This is fine.
The problem is this apparent requirement that the device be added to a management account in order for remote access to work.  In real world terms, this would require me to give a user my TeamViewer account credentials in order to add it to my Management Account.  There is no way that's going to happen.

The whole point of Quick Support is for quick support.  Even if a user can get me access after creating his/her own TeamViewer account, they're not going to go through the process of creating an account with a secure password and then go through all the rigmarole of having to activate the device on the back end through an authentication email.  Remember, this particular case I was working - this user had just received a new device to replace a damaged one and did not have immediate access to any email accounts as was not near a computer or other device to be able to create, activate, and authenticate a request to add a device.  This does not make sense.

I vaguely recall earlier versions of Quick Support for Samsung working without having to add it to a management account, however, I may be mistaken here, because it was weeks and weeks ago, and I only tried it briefly.

Quick Support for mobile devices is one of the advertised features for TeamViewer 12 that helped me to convince our owners to spring for upgrading our TeamViewer software.  This is another feature that is not working efficiently, and I'm sorry to say, in the field is essentially useless at this point from a practical implementation perspective for sys admins.

The iOS client is just as bad or worse.  The screen displays in full resolution, requiring scaling functionality that is not there, so I have to scroll up and down to see the full screen.  And then I have to prompt the user to pop a screenshot every time I need to see a screen, which is really annoying when I have to simply go back one screen; it doesn't seem to save previous views?  Tedious.  If I could reach through the remote session I would throw that device on the ground!  At least the Android client shows a nice little realtime display of the device and an Admin could direct a user more efficiently by phone while monitoring the screen.  Requesting screenshots is  p a i n f u l l y slow.

These both need work to be considered selling points.  Especially the iOS version.

Hear us, TeamViewer.  We love your product.  Let's make it the best it can be.