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remote client cannot access web pages

I am connected to my friend's remote client via TV14. But on that client windows 10 PC no web pages can be accessed. It is like there is no wifi connection there. what does TV do differently that it can work but the client PC does not access the web?

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Re: remote client cannot access web pages

Hello @eddieb2,

Thank you for your message.

TeamViewer does not have any impact on the internet settings on the devices. The only requirements for TeamViewer to be functional is to have a working internet connection (except if you connect in a LAN network) and that the ports that TeamViewer is using are open.

You apparently can connect to your friend's PC.

This means:

  • Your internet is working fine, the ports are open.
  • Your TeamViewer and the TeamViewer of your remote PC are working fine.

Any issue that happens outside this frame is related to the PC itself.

Unfortunately, there are so many reasons why a PC cannot reach (a) website(s), we cannot really support you here, as we only cover TeamViewer related topics.

Depending on the error message/behaviour you will need to look on forums that cover these topics. Maybe this one can help I can connect to the Internet, but cannot open any web pages.

I hope this could help.



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