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Error! TeamViewer terminated unexpectedly!


Teamviewer 14.4.2669 on every client; Windows 10 64Bit; Latest drivers installed.

After establishing multiple connections from my PC to remote Laptops ( 2-7 connections in parallel) everything works fine.

But after some time (minutes to hours) two errors occur:

1) The video signal of a random teamviewer connection is frozen. I tested one laptop beside me and connected from my PC as well. The mouse pointer and clicks are transferred correctly and the faptop works fine, but only a frozen screen is showed on the PC.

2) Many times Teamviewer crashes all of a sudden, for instance when I close and reopen the frozen laptopt window. Or when I want to establish a connection to another host. Or when I start clicking on one of the 6 or 7 opened hosts from my PC. 

Does anyone have a similar problem or knows a solution?

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From the teamviewer logfile:
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Re: Error! TeamViewer terminated unexpectedly!

As I found out today the problem refers to the hardware acceleration (by the graphics card) in the Teamviewer settings. When disabled the connections are stable - the only problem is that the windows freezes until you click with your mouse on the corresponding screen.

Is there any other solution? Because the lag in displaying the partner's screen is not that fine...

My system settings:
o) ZOTAC GeForce® GTX 1060 AMP! Edition

o) Driver version: 431.60-desktop-win10-64bit-international-whql

o) 4x monitors attached to the graphics card.

o) 7 teamviewer connections established in parallel from my PC to 7 different laptops

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Re: Error! TeamViewer terminated unexpectedly!

Now trying to disable hardware acceleration in the remote desktop browser chrome on the laptops... let's see, if it helps...