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teamviewer starting fullscreen on boot

updated teamviewer (free) to version 15.11.6. software now starts up with windows and opens fullscreen instead of just loading in the system tray.

poked around in the settings to see if there was a "start minimized" or "load to tray" option and but did not see anything obvious other than the "run at starup" option

is there some option i'm missing or is this a bug now?



  • JeanK
    JeanK Posts: 4,730 Senior Moderator

    Hello @HexerPsy@lilshawn,

    1) Go to the General settings (as on your screenshot) and untick Start TeamViewer with Windows

    2) Go to the Advanced settings and tick Close to tray menu

    3) Go back to the General settings and tick Start TeamViewer with Windows back again.

    With this, TeamViewer should start automatically and close to tray menu.

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