Unsolicited invitation to connect to peer

For TV app in use here there exist only one remote party: family member receiving occasional support from user of this app.

Today we two had no reason to do remote support session nor any other. Even though I received through 3rd party messanger app (IM) Viber an invitation from that peer to make connection "Please connect to my device by opening following page, url pasted start.teamviewer.com/<id of my supported partner". Usually remote party informs me via other channels they need support right now. Today we were in touch with each other due to other matters, partner didn't inform they need a support. Invitation must be generated automatically by TV QS app on their's side. I wonder why is QS app doing that. I also wonder to which number of their all contacts the invitation has been sent. I afraid their device with TV QS installed may be exposed to serious risks if QS is spreading connetion invitation to wide range of user contacts out of user control and awarness.