TeamViewer 9 & 10 End-of-Life



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    Add me to the class action lawsuit as well. It's unethical and illegal. The 10-year nonsense was NOT in the original EULA.

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    Hi Esther,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Sorry if I keep on asking stupid questions but I feel very stupid and lost at this stage.

    So after 1 Jan 2023 my TM Ver 12 will still work outside my LAN, internet/remotely. My TM Ver 12 will not stop working for internet/remotely connections after 1 Jan 2023.

    The complementary license for TM Ver 15 will stop working on 1 Jan 2023.

    !! Just one question out of curiosity: Why do you use TeamViewer 12 instead of 15? !!

    I like to use software that I am licensed to use and not complementary software. I hope it makes sense.


    Johan de Klerk

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    Add me to the class action lawsuit as well. It's unethical and illegal. The 10-year nonsense was NOT in the original EULA.

    Gameel Ali AbdulSalam

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    Any one knows how to file a lawsuit and get our rights from this TV


    ESI Soft

    Cairo, Egypt

  • aleinei
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    We would advice every one not to buy or deal with this dishonest company

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    The only thing we can do is be kind and fair to each other, afterall even Microsoft decided to allow perpetual software since monthy simply doesn't work even with small amounts of subscriptions (In the long run).

    Teamviewer subscribers starting version 1? to version 13, actually helped to build this fantactic tool, (Via subscriptions and feedback), the last four years the company changed a lot, got listed to the stock market and started more advanced industrial projects, that are mostly needed in big factories. These big companies can afford expensive capped subscriptions. But small companies that do the same simple remote every day cannot afford it.

    Some countries have goverment agencies that assist for better business conduct, for example in the USA there is Better Business Bureau® that you can read or file a complain, maybe there is someting similar in your county.

    As a solution best of two words, I would think of a subscription of keeping the server part alive after the 10 years., I wouldn't mind to support a fee of 200$ per annum, but not a 1000$.

    Also I hope that the forum fasilitators inform the company management of users complains about not aswered calls or support issues (Andreas König was customer concerned).

    Thank you.

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    Hi Johan de Klerk, Thanks for your feedback and I am happy to answer your question:

    1. After January 1st, 2023 your former license in version 7 that now works for TeamViewer 12 will only work in LAN and with this: No licensed connections outside your LAN will be possible.

    2. Yes, the complimentary license for TeamViewer 15 and 12 will stop working on that day.

    Thanks and I hope that answers your questions.

    Best, Esther

    Former Community Manager

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    We have 400 Teamvier installation on customer PCs. Upating is a drudgery since it often simply fails - TV8 on Windows 7.

    TV8 on Win XP SP2 - update impossible. We are moving to our old ** Third Party Product **(On-Premise).

    Many of our TeamViewer installations run on Windows 7. So, the day will come and Version 15 of TeamViewer gets disabled.

    To prevent this our company currently thinks about moving to ** Third Party Product ** (On-Premise).

  • Johan_de_Kerk
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    Hi Esther,

    Thanks for you reply and answers.

    This gives me some time to decide which way to go and if it is necesary to look what at other products are available or take another route.


    Johan de Klerk

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    This is disgraceful, and even worse pretending it's about security when it's all about trying to force me into a subscription. I have paid you a lot of money for my perpetual licence for Teamviewer 9. Will you be refunding this now that you are stealing back what I bought from you. I am totally up for joining a class action lawsuit.

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    I think they want us to pay towards the Manchester United shirt sponser deal, £235m

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    Please add me to the list.

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    Include me in the lawsuit.

    This is insane promising me a lifetime use then changing rules later. TV wrote a check they cannot cash and the boo-hoo about security is just about money.

    I double anybody will do anything but I will be part of it if someone gets a class action lawsuit going.

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    What are our option after June 1, how we can upgrade without having to pay additional cost.

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    Please count me in on the class action.

    Tried to raise the issue of perpetual license, and I have been replied very rudely that it is not negotiable.

    I have bought Teamviewer 5 Premium then subsequently bought Teamviewer 7 Corporate.

    Paying over US$3,150.00 over the years, now I am being told to accept the trial license with a expiry date.

    I don't even want the latest version, I am happy with my teamviewer which was upgraded to 9

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    LOL teamviewer support is suggesting that after the expiry date the old license for that EOL still works BUT ON LAN only. Not able to available access outside the LAN. Further giving me an analogy of windows XP. How can teamviewer you compare yourself with windows XP. End of life for windows XP, i can still use the software, still access the internet, i only do not get upgrades to close security loopholes, so my continue of XP will be at my own risk.

    BUT TEAMVIEWER, your product is for REMOTE ACCESS from the outside, I didnt buy the license for internal use, it was for REMOTE ACCESS. now you are telling me the version can still use internal netowkr but i cannot access remotely anymore, You are rendering the whole software USELESS. You can't compare your product with other software, your product is meant for remote access.

    I am really dissapointed if I knew this whole PERPETUAL LICENSE would end up like this I would never even have consider paying so much in the beginning, the consideration for the price I paid was that it will not render the SOFTWARE USELESS...

    --- below their reply ---

    The license was actually only for V7, but was upgraded to V9 for free complimentary. Had this not been done, this would have actually ended back at the EOL of V7.

    This is the same as buying something like Windows XP, the application will eventually reach end of life and will no longer have certain online services or upgrades.

    Once the server services are discontinued for V9, you can still use the software in a LAN environment - however we will no longer be providing server services for the version as these pose a risk to our network.

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    Hi as many people here I completely disagree on your way of behaviour, we bought a permanent License and that's it, now please if you are honest and trustable people you should simply upgrade all our licenses to the latest and keep updating our softwares at no extra cost, you cannot change a contract at your own point of view, this is against the ONE law, the Universal law, I do hope that you will take the right decision.

    With Love

    Paolo Francesco Presti

  • Iñaki19899
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    I bought a perpetual license (for teamviewer 7,8 and 9) and now, I have to pay for use that?

    It is not legal.

    You have to fulfill your contracts.

    Where I can contact with somenthing?

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    TeamViewer ... you have a strange concept of PERPETUAL LICENCE !

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    I think Teamviewer is acting like a thug. The decision to buy teamviewer was made precisely because of its perpetual license, which is also quite expensive. Now they expect that the fee that was previously "forever" becomes annual. If you were honest you would offer at least one perpetual upgrade license to the latest version. Already decommissioning servers causes great harm to users and your luck is that people don't have time to sue you because you would run into very serious trouble.

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    I bougth V9 6 years ago. Of course i disagree what is happening to my software's licesne. Please subscribe me to the class action against the decision to close server of V9 and V10

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    So , I open my registered teamviewer 9, today May 26th and I get a message for the first time, saying that I have until May 31st to change the version on ALL REMOTE SERVERS that use the teamviewer host, because on June 1st the service will be discontinued !

    Is that right, or is the 26th of May the new 1st of April ?

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    Will my TW 10 license be valid with future versions (16 and above) released before due date on december 2025?

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    The class action lawsuit will likely NOT go nowhere. I bought mine in 2010 for $3350 USD *BECAUSE* it was perpetual.

    [The link has been removed as per the community guidelines.]

    "Lifetime license"


    [The link has been removed as per the community guidelines.]

    "The product remains the property of the vendor until it is completely paid for."

    WHICH IT WAS. I have my license agreement and will take it to court!

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    I bought mine end of 2010 and the EULA was here, take note of point 3, line ONE.

    1. Please note

    • The following terms and conditions apply for all product versions of TeamViewer.

    2. Guarantee of satisfaction

    • All orders will be made with a guarantee of satisfaction for 7 days. All payments will be authorized (validated), but not accounted. The specified credit card won't be charged until expiration of the 7-day-limit.
    • A cancellation may follow without giving reasons in written form. In case of doubt the customer has to prove that he has cancelled his order in time - to ensure this, please make sure that you receive a confirmation after an e-mail cancellation from us.
    • For this reason, please notice that, in case of paying per invoice, not paying the invoice will be insufficient, since this is payable within 14 days.

    3. Payment and retention of ownership

    • The product remains the property of the vendor until it is completely paid for.
    • In case of delay of payment, access to the TeamViewer-Master server may be blocked.
    • All costs that are caused by abusing credit cards, reverse charging due to lack of credit etc., are paid by the customer.
    • Every abuse of credit cards or account information will be legally pursued.

    4. Rights and licenses

    • When buying software, the buyer acquires only the right to use the products according to the specification. All software packages remain the intellectual property of TeamViewer GmbH.
    • The customer must take appropriate measures to ensure that the products will only be used according to license agreements inside the company. This especially applies to the protection against illegal copying of the software.
    • Licenses apply to the number of workstations as shown in the license overview at the time of purchase. A transfer of a license in case of changing the workstation etc., can be carried out 10 times. If the license is installed in a Terminal Server environment, the license is user based, a separate license for each user is required. Premium licenses can be installed and activated on an unlimited number of computers.
    • The customer is responsible for all damages which result from a violation of the copyright instructions or illegal use.

    5. Server availability

    • For the proper use of the TeamViewer software the availability of the TeamViewer master server may be necessary. TeamViewer GmbH will take measures to ensure a high availability of the server. However, it is not possible to guarantee an uninterrupted availability.
    • The vendor guarantees that the server will be available and usable with the purchased version for a period of at least 10 years after purchase. The vendor has entered into a safeguard agreement [The link has been removed as per the community guidelines.]with a third party to ensure server availability. If the transmission protocol changes in the meantime, an update will be provided to the customer free-of-charge if it is mandatory for further use.

    6. Warranty and Limitation of Liability

    • The warranty period, if permitted by law, is defined as a period of 3 months from the point of the first provision of service. Within this period, the customer has the right to insist on correction of faults or replacement in the case of liability on the part of the vendor. If a limitation to 3 months is not permitted, the minimum permitted time span is defined.
    • Liability is defined as the absence of, or the incorrect working of a guaranteed function, but not as the suitability for a particular application. Before the conclusion of the contract, the customer has to check, for judicial and other reasons, if the purchased software is suitable for the planned purpose.
    • Especially for technical reasons, it can not be guaranteed, that all computers will be reachable with TeamViewer without any exceptions or errors. Advanced firewall technologies as well as special network structures can reduce the connection quality in some cases. This behavior has to be checked by the customer during the test period and is not a fault.
    • If TeamViewer GmbH is not willing or able to remove the faults or deliver a replacement or the process fails for other reasons, the customer has the right to insist on revoking the contract or receiving an appropriate rebate on the purchase price.

    7. Data protection

    • Information in accordance with § 33 BDSG: The customer's data will be stored in the form of name and address of the residence and business location respectively for internal use.

    8. Final clauses

    • Place of fulfillment for traders, legal persons of public law, as well as customers without a place of general jurisdiction in Germany, is Goeppingen.
    • Only German law applies.
    • Alterations of contract must be in written form.

    Revision: Jan 2010

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    When is a lifetime license NOT a lifetime license?

    We bought a perpetual "Lifetime" license for Teamviewer (TV) and are now being told that they are no longer honoring this agreement. That's just plain wrong and dishonest.

    It was their choice as a business model to offer a lifetime subscription to the service. There was no mention of this being tied to a particular version.

    In the past, you were restricted to the version you purchased, but when they chose to sunset that version, they upgraded you to a perpetual license for the current version. This happened when we went from TV6 to TV8. We used TV8 quite happily for years, not needing any of the new bells and whistles.

    Now they want to desupport TV8 and we have been given the choice of upgrading to the current version but with a limit of ~2 years at which point it will convert to a very expensive subscription model OR keeping TV8, but it won't work on the Internet (ie, it will supposedly work on internal networks). Neither one of these choices satisfies the agreement for a "Lifetime Service".

    This is simply corporate greed.

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    1) Any class action movement, cannot start and take action from the company owned forums, maybe an external googlable found forum can be a start.

    2) Their recently released a two-factor authentication, looks like it is available only to the latest version. This means that even a 10 years server backend support is on 'whatever I like doing similar to a lifetime perpetual agreement.

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    i have 3 licences of version 9, upgraded from ver.7, because you decided to end life for ver 7, i've accepted that, and updated my 120+ PC's from host ver 7 to host ver 9, it was about a year ago i think...

    now, you tell me, my lifetime license is OVER? am i dead? no, did i bought a lifetime license? yes!

    you should update us to ver 12(i have 2 licences of ver 12 and happy to use it!)

    you CANNOT steal out product and ask for a subscription with a yearly fee, this is NOT why i bought teamviewer to out company.

    i do not accept your offer, and i will not update to ver 15, i will go to court over this issue, you will NOT shut me down, this is illegal.