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Complimentary TeamViewer 15 access for legacy versions to be deprecated



  • aras61
    aras61 Posts: 1

    I am sure same of you are in the same situation. First they cut me off every five minutes to force me to to switch the new version and now I can not connect to my computers. They are saying that I could use it until 2024 (ten years from the purchase date). I purchased it in 2014 and wasn't told it was for 10 years. I paid for the lifetime license. Is anyone is in the same situation who wants to bring them to court?

  • Andreasson
    Andreasson Posts: 1

    Dear TeamViewer support,

    We own permanent Corporate license for Teamviewer 8 since 2013-05

    License was not limited to 10 years the day we bought it.

    We ordered to use it for longer period and accept price for this.

    How can you now limit this now to 10 years o 2023-05???

    License was not limited the day we bought it.

    Now you take away something we already payed for, right it?

    I request you to remove this 10 years limitation earliest.

    Awaiting your response. Thanks.

  • FrustratedCustomer
    FrustratedCustomer Posts: 2 ✭✭
    edited September 16

    We are now stuck with some machines which were not upgraded prior to September 15th to V15 and are now no longer accessible.

    To physically access these machines its going to cost a lot of time and money, some machines will cost us over $2800 just to get the equipment to access those locations.

    Support refuses to help, saying the servers for versions prior to 9 have been turned off, even though I can see computers online that are <V10. we paid for perpetual licensing, however that wasn't what it seems.

    Support suggested we should have updated all computers prior to the cut off date, but with over 500 computers, and no management portal to show what computers are running which version, this was practically impossible.

    What next, will they start cutting us off every year as soon as any licensing expires? its a pure money grab by TeamViewer.

    [removed per Community Guidelines]

  • I am here because I was just sent the link from Customer Support because we can no longer connect with about 200 pc's still on version 10. Why wouldn't you notifiy your admins that this was happening? This is now a scramble for us and we have people we can't support.

  • roberto_sf_v10
    roberto_sf_v10 Posts: 5 ✭✭

    I upgraded to v15, activated the version 10 biz license on the management portal

    The web management console on the top right under my name it reads "Business." Then it goes to the process of opening the full windows install program when i click on a remote computer to connect.

    But the windows installed app reads "Free."  So the activated legacy 10 business lic on the web is not being sent or synced with the locally installed program. And cannot find how to fix this.

    How do i fix this problem these two problems?

  • Admin_12345
    Admin_12345 Posts: 1
    edited September 22

    Teamviewer shut me (and others) down (and they deleted my Perpetual License V9 without any notice. I cant find it anymore in my Portal).

    I buyed yearly subscription v15 but stil had some V9 endpoints with a custom endpoint client.

    Now per 15-9 they cut every older endpoint from there servers. Since the software does have a lack in showing which endpoints needs to be updated from the portal, its not possible to catch every old endpoint to update manually, and there is also no remote solution to update the endpoint.

    Now it shows the shortcommings of a bad design and creating a pitfall for their costumers. This is hilarious and catastrofal at the same time. I wish now i never buyed this software. Every well designed RMM solution can send a trigger to update or has a portal with software versions.

    TV also extend their connections til 15 sept DURING HOLIDAY. My god.. what are they thinking?

    TV wants us to give away admin passwords to update remote endpoints? I also work with disabled people which cannot update the endpoint manually so i need to do it. I cannot drive to every endpoint by myself so i need back access to update those endpoints but are unable to do it because TV tells me the server is down.

    Some of my endpoints running XP (Register and kiosk systems) this is a disaster.

    A big thank you TeamViewer NOT!

  • USER556473
    USER556473 Posts: 1 Newbie



    continuing or enduring forever; everlasting.

    lasting an indefinitely long time:

  • sosed213
    sosed213 Posts: 1

    What to do now?

    How did it happen that the permanent license turned into a 10-year license, and access to the servers was confiscated? It is legal?