Can't activate the license I paid for, can't submit a ticket without an activated license

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TeamViewer has me backed into a corner. I purchased an individual license on Monday, but every time I try to follow the activation link and log in, I'm greeted with the error "A Remote Access license can only be activated on an account without any other license. As your account has already another license assigned, please use another account for the license activation." My account DOES NOT have any other license on it, and indeed says "Free" in the TV app and management console, and kicks me out after a 5-minute session as you would expect. Is there any solution to this? Is there any way to contact TeamViewer that doesn't require first having already fixed the problem I'm contacting them about? Has TV just arbitrarily decided my account is no good anymore, and I just have to make a new account? Is it simply too much to ask to buy a license and use it too?


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    Has nobody else had this issue? I can't overstate how basic what I'm asking for is-- I gave money to TeamViewer, and so far I've gotten exactly nothing in exchange. I'm currently stuck using **Third Party Product**, and the 4-6 second delay is slowly killing me.

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    Hello @NoahG

    Thanks for your post.

    I have sent you a PM regarding your issue.

    Josh P.

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    Hello. I have the same situation. How can I contact support? Thank you.