Paid to move from 10 to 15 due to end of life, and I get an email saying I get 4 years FREE???

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Ok, someone PLEASE correct me here; I cant believe what I'm seeing could actually be correct.

Back in Jan, I got the EULA email, telling me that V10 was going to End of Life in June of this year. I was offered a discount to upgrade to a now yearly subscription.

Feb, I paid a little over $400 usd to upgrade my license to V15.

I got an email, March 18th (Just now caught and read it a month later) Stating that V10 licenses will now have complimentary access to V15 until 2025?!?!???!?!???

Did I miss something? Did I get bamboozled into paying for Version 15 only to be told nearly 60 days afterwards I would have gotten it for free for the next 4 years??

Please, someone tell me I'm misunderstanding this, because if I'm right, "Houston, we have a PROBLEM."