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Automatic access disabled since update

Dear community

Since a new teamviewer update I cant use the program anymore as I did before.

Normally I was able to launch my PC via Web, auto login via netplwiz with teamviewer in startup (this all still works)

and then auto login into my pc via teamviewer because the same account was logged in.

I didnt change any settings, I double checked everything again but now I need to confirm the connection on my (to be controlled-) PC which makes the whole process useless

I want to access my PC from everywhere without any1 being at my PC and I was able to do that but now its not possible anymore.

Why? And how can I bypass that?

I hope you can help me


  • icksthomate
    icksthomate Posts: 2 ✭✭


    Dont connect normally

    connect with password

    then it works if you set everything up