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msacket Posts: 4 ✭✭
edited June 3 in General Questions

I signed up for this last year. Didn't end up using it because the pilot app wasn't included. Several months ago I tried cancelling, but the system (management and console) said my account didn't exist. I figured I was good on the cancellation.

Now I've been billed for a renewal.

I tried logging in, said the account doesn't exist. So I created a new account under the same email address (says it's a free account)

I'm so *bleep** right now. I've spent hours just trying to cancel this stupid thing.

I know, I know... submit a ticket they say. It doesn't work! There is no way to submit a ticket by following any of the instructions. I guess it only works if you have a paid license.

Call the support number, they say... it hangs up on me because I "need to have a license".

Apparently, Teamviewer just charges your card without giving you a license.

Only people I can talk to are either on here... or on the sales chat. No one has been any help.

My advice... run! And if you're trying to cancel... I guess the only option is to dispute the credit card transaction.


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