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how to cancel a subscription

Hello, I'm tring to cancel my subscription, but it seems impossible: doing a research on the forum, it brings me into a loop without end. I'm trying to submit a ticket, same story..In my opinion, this is at the limit of the laws. As soon as this story ends, I will recommend EVERY people I know to avoid this sw at all costs. I have other sw with a subscription, such as Adobe, and in 1 minute I can change, cancel or upgrade it, as it should be. The last year I have been charged for a new subscription even if i didn't want it (because you have to cancel it AT LEAST 28 days before)...unbelievable!


  • JeanK
    JeanK Posts: 4,164 Moderator

    Hello @matteoGuala,

    You can only cancel any TeamViewer licence by submitting a ticket.

    How to submit a ticket?

    You can submit a ticket via the following link: Submit a ticket


    If you have not activated your license on your TeamViewer account, you won't be able to access the ticket portal. Instead, it will redirect you to the TeamViewer Community. Therefore, it is very important to activate the license on your TeamViewer account in order to be able to access the ticket portal and cancel your license.

    Depending on the license you have, please follow the activation instructions here:

    I hope this could help. 🍀

    French Community Moderator
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