Is this kinda scam? Creditreform Göppingen Engelhardt asks for money.

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My individual TeamViewer account has merged with my corporate account since early 2021. And my account licence has been activated as a corporate licence since then.

But today I found an email in my junk box saying I owe Teamviewer and need to pay it into a Paypal account.

Is this kind of scam or it is serious? I suppose my company has paid the licence fee. And I could still see my licence as an activated licence. I am using Teamviewer on daily basis. Everthing seems to be ok

Why am I receiving this? Should I just ignore it?


Reminder (Invoice of TeamViewer Germany GmbH)

Dear Sir or Madame,

despite two reminders sent to you, the amount to a total of xxx is still


As we have received no reply from you, we shall have to take legal proceedings unless

payment reaches us within the next ten days.

Please communicate exclusively with us, furthermore effect any payment to our

account only. You can favourably effect payments to our Paypal account

Kind Regards

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    Hi @Jacksonyu0124,

    Thank you for reaching out to us.

    In this case, please call our support team directly to check the payment status as we are unable to assist you in licensing and payment issues:

    Thank you in advance for your understanding.

    Kind regards,


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    Jackson did this ever get resolved. I'm getting the same type of notices and I cancelled my single account also and rolled it into our corporate account, but am now getting notices from a place in Florida