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Display "In use" message on remote console while using remote control

I know about the "Leave Note" feature, but it's not really what I'm looking for.

I am a volunteer IT tech for a non-profit, and I use TV to connect to a computer at the non-profit office that is occasionally used by other people, at random points. Those other people are not tech savvy, may not realize I am connected, and attempt to close windows I'm working on. Also, I often need to login as an admin, and don't want non-admins to interrupt an admin login session.

Does TV have anything to support this mode? Here's what I envision:

In the following, system A is the computer at the office, and system B is me at home.

I initiate a TV session from B (home) to A (office). What I would like to have happen is that, while I am connected, the physical display at A shows a simple message that says something like "Computer In Use, please wait" and prevents interaction (overridable with Ctl+Alt+Del).

Is this possible?