Needlessly difficult to cancel subscription

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Hi there.

Why is it so difficult to cancel a subscription?

Your mailbox now is not being used anymore, so not responding.

The phone number listed on your site is bogus.

In order for me to get any info, I had to register and activate on your portal. It takes a long time to do. Only to find that you cant submit a ticket if you select to options to "automatic renewal".

Trying to submit a ticket to the first option that would work failed because the "I am not a robot" feature on the site acts up. I am using the latest Chrome browser BTW.

I ended up (dont know how) on, where I was able to chat to someone in a browser.

I was informed "the renewal termination must be done from our side by your written request".

After 45 minutes I had a ticket, which you had to create.

I then have to upload the last invoice to the ticket. I suppose if you have not paid your last invoice, the ticket will not be dealt with?

Also, in the support chat session I asked how to address complaints as I think that cancelling the contract has been made needlessly difficult. The question was very conveniently ignored.

How does anyone get a request to you to cancel the subscription? I still dont know.

Get a refund if you missed the chance to cancel? No chance in **bleep**!!!

Good luck to the next person trying.