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problem with display on remote pc

dw1975 Posts: 1 Newbie

Hello, I'm having an issue with one of my home pc's not displaying properly when I remote in from my work laptop. I have two pc's at home that I sometimes remote into when I'm away at work, one pc works fine and the other does not display properly. Both have identical teamviewer settings and are on the same network so this has me scratching my head. It only started doing this a few weeks ago and up to that point it worked fine. When I remote in the only thing I see is a black screen and the teamviewer bar up at the top, no windows task bar, desktop icons or anything. If I go to the drop down toolbar and choose "optimize speed" and then click "refresh" most often everything on the desktop will appear. Sometimes I will have to switch between optimize speed, quality or auto select to get things to appear. One program (freedownloadmanager) will not work at all, I only see a white box with the min,max and close icons in the upper corner. That same program works completely fine on the second pc, no display issues at all. I have tried updating nvidia drivers, restarting the FDM program, restarting teamviewer from the services taskbar and nothing works. Any ideas? Thanks