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Transfer Files - Extremely Slow (UDP or non-UDP)

Henry_B Posts: 1
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I've been enjoying using Team Viewer and am very impressed with the remote desktop features. However, file transfer appears to be broken. There are other posts dating back to 2016 in earlier versions, but I am posting this again because this is a serious functionality gap and still present in v.15.

Problem: The Transfer Files system works but is extremely slow. Browsing folders is fast, even when doing so remotely. But once a file transfer is initiated, the speed is between 100-500kBps.


This appears not a connection issue - this happens on a local 802.11ax network with only 802.11ax devices. Additionally, even when remote the source computer has a 1Gbps up / 1Gbps down fiber connection, and the recipient device is on an AX or AC 600 MBps download connection. Additionally, transfers using other sharing methods consistently show 10-20 MBps throughput.

This appears not a device issue - this happens when transferring to a phone or to another computer.

This appears not a UDP issue - Despite the previous years-old post on this subject suggesting it's a UDP problem, this happens even when turning off UDP in Team Viewer on the source computer and recipient device.

This is tested and the problem exists on: Windows 10 v.15 to Android 10 v.15; and Windows 10 v.15 to Windows 10 v.15.

I've looked at all prior posts I could find on this, and none of them resolve the issue. The most in-depth thread with a response from "Julia" in 2017 suggests it is a UDP issue, but again, this doesn't appear to have solved my or others issues:

Can someone from the TeamViewer team help resolve this? Or have other users actually resolved this problem?


  • EeroP
    EeroP Posts: 1

    Adding a "this is a significant problem for me too message"!

    I would also like to add a question, is the Teamviewer UDP usage documented?

    Most of my file transfers work OK (use UDP). but in those cases the remote end has a simple network connection. I cases where the other end is "significantly firewalled" the UDP connection does not work (Also my local network is firewalled). I cannot control the other end configuration, but I would be able to change my local network firewalls, if that would help TeamViewer.