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TeamViewer Unattended Access Doesn't Bring Up Login Screen

DougS Posts: 1
edited November 2021 in General Questions

We have a customer running a Windows 2019 server in a VMware environment. Lately we have been having issues connecting to this customer to provide support. We just upgraded them to the 64bit Windows Teamviewer Client because this was happening on the 32bit client. It should be noted this customer is up to date on all Windows Patches/Updates.

When we connect, we get the Desktop with our custom wallpaper, no login screen, just the standard "Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to unlock". We hit CTRL+ALT+DEL using the TeamViewer task bar and we get the customer's splash screen advising us that the system is for Authorized User Only, etc and the only option is to hit "OK".

After hitting "OK", it brings us right back to the Desktop. Sometimes we can get in using TeamViewer VPN and then doing a RDP to the server, but that prevents multiple people in our organization from connecting and collaborating.

We have had the customer restart the TV service multiple times but no luck. Any suggestions?