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Goodmorning yall!

If I solve this big need, my company can fly to the moon!

Jokes apart, I need to remote access some iPad (can be an Android tablet too) that are NOT in the same network (potentially they can be in a different city) and be able to use them from remote without nobody behind the iPad, the device needs to be controlled even if is in stand by on a desk and connected to wifi.

Simple but strong,

How can I do that? is TeamViewer able to do this?

All the iPad, or Android tablets, are my property so I can do whatever I want before spreading them to my colleagues.

Thank you very much!


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    Hi @ArmandoBevilacqua,

    Welcome to TeamViewer Community!

    I am so glad to have this opportunity to help you with my actual experience! I may ask your patience on reading the story.


    Time turned back to couple year ago when I was using an android mobile device and just joined TeamViewer for about a year.

    I was too rushed to leave home that morning but did not pick up my phone with me. I was so panic and worried what I would miss out from my phone for the day. Suddenly I realised that my Android device has installed TeamViewer Host which would allow me to connect via TeamViewer. As I have used my Android device for running self testing, I quickly found my device on my C&C list and clicked on Connect. Just within couple clicks without asking anyone's help, I might see and control my Android device to ensure that it is safe for the day and I felt so relieved. I was thinking that TeamViewer is so handy in the real life.

    One year later, I have got a new iOS phone. It can have remote sessions for both incoming and outgoing. However, as TeamViewer can only have screen-sharing via TeamViewer QuickSupport on iOS devices at the moment, unattended access is not available on iOS operated devices. I usually used TeamViewer Remote Control on my iOS to connect home computer when needed for some quick checkups.


    The experience was not too exciting but when I was able to remote control to my Android device via TeamViewer Host, my day was lighted!

    TeamViewer surely has better and wider functionalities and availabilities with Android devices, feel free to check out the supported Android manufacturers list. Android Host was the app which allowed me to complete the remote control session, and Yes, once the set up has been completed, the connections should just happen quickly and easily as expected.

    For iOS operated devices, Screen-sharing via TeamViewer QuickSupport is possible and popular, but we are asking patience on achieving remote control onto iOS device in a near future. Remote control from an iOS device would work as smooth as the Android devices.

    I really hope my younger story would be inspired to you and we would like to ask you to run some test sessions. If you do experience any difficulties or issue, feel free to comment on TeamViewer community and also TeamViewer Support Team would be around to help out directly if you have a license with TeamViewer.

    Good luck and talk to you soon!

    Best regards,


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