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Need to reset wifi adapter after using Teamviewer

lennbo Posts: 1 Newbie

Hello everyone,

i have two issues to discuss:


I often experience very slow connections, especially when both computers are in the same network (connection via lan is enabled).

Resetting my wifi adapter sometimes helps and the connection is faster afterwards. Both computer are connected to the network via wifi.

Any ideas why this keeps happening?


After using teamviewer I often have an extremely slow internet connection or can't reach most sites at all (apparently related to DNS issues).

Windows diagnoses a problem with the access point and does reset the wifi adapter, which by now I usually do by default when my internet speed seems to be slow after using teamviewer.

After the reset everything works perfectly fine again.

If anyone knows what the underlying issue might be, please let me know! These issues make using teamviewer extremely annoying and I was close to deinstalling the software many times already.

My drivers are updated to their latest version and I don't have any issues when not using teamviewer. Both devices run the up to date teamviewer 15 version.