On hold 31 minutes, then disconnected -- want to cancel my license purchase 4 days ago

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I have tried through the customer portal, through every link I could find, by calling, by being on hold first 20 minutes (selecting the option to cancel my product) -- then giving up on that (never got a status message saying someone would be with me shortly, suspect no one was there), and redialing but this time selecting purchase upgraded license. After selecting this option, I was on hold 11 minutes (yes, I do keep a log) and then was disconnected. This means 31 total. minutes on hold during which time I searched the website assiduously looking for any clue on how to cancel. I guess they must think they are very slick here offering glossy-looking options that lead in fact to nowhere. Their bot-lady that talks to you onscreen asks your invoice # then gives you a set number of options none of which are to cancel your license. You can get no further with her unless you select an option she presents to you which does not pertain to your situation. If you click customer service you are sent to a slick looking page which contains no option to even open up a trouble ticket. Ah, it's a maze designed for us suckers by people software techs who think they are slick when what they really are is slippery. The irony is their software is probably decent or nobody would put up with this. The other irony is that I would seriously consider purchasing an upgraded license IF and only IF I could cancel my [removed per Community Guidelines]/annual first. Even though the ONLY reason I would buy the [removed per Community Guidelines]/annual license is to be walked through installation. Yep, for that reason alone I would spend [removed per Community Guidelines] IF -- and this IS my test for whether I want to have anything to do with them no. matter how good their software is -- IF they will allow me to cancel my [removed per Community Guidelines]/annual first, and give me my money back and we could start all over again. Hopefully I was on hold because in fact the slippery little creatures don't actually have anyone on duty Saturday but their defective little phone robot was never programmed to tell you that. Otherwise, I'm headed over to reddit to see what they think about the problem -- replete with my plethora of screenshots and opinionated take on the level of customer service they really offer behind their phony smiley-face onscreen persona.



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    I'm a user but I was curious about your installation issue as you mentioned you wanted to be walked through installation.

    If I knew your issue I may be able to guide you.

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    Hi @blindoldlady,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community, and we are sorry about the inconvenience caused.

    In order to cancel your license, it requires you to submit a support ticket.

    Could you please sign in with your licensed TeamViewer account to generate a support ticket via the below link?

    📩 Submit a support ticket

    💡You can also find more information from our knowledge article:📖All about Subscription
    📌In case you have a TeamViewer Remote Access license, please note that TeamViewer Remote Access does not include phone support: FAQ on Remote Access Plan

    Hope you find this helpful🍀

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