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I've been forced to pay for a service/product I won't be using for the next year because of this company's predatory policy.

I had thought I canceled this service after I returned from Iraq. I know I had put in the ticket. Fast forward 8-9 months and out of the blue I start getting payment notices - pay up or else. I'm told that there was an email reminder (a single reminder) sent the 24 hours prior to the "28 day" requirement, but I didn't see it. Probably went to spam which Google Gmail will be nice and delete after 30 days.

Of course the company insisted I pay - or else.

So - The only way for me to get my money's worth is to ensure that no one else falls into this trap as well. Very few businesses will force you to pay for a service you don't want or can't use. This is because people like me will basically warn other people off their company for these underhanded practices. Additionally, I'm employed in a mid-to-high position in our military. Anyone comes asking me (and they do) about this company's solutions or products or service, I'm naturally going to tell them about this bad experience. I figure that if my experience can steer a customer or two away from this company, then I will have done the public a service. Which is why these policies are stupid - in the end this policy will cost more business than it will get in money from **bleep** customer. I certainly won't be a repeat customer.

Make sure your account is canceled. Make sure you retain proof. Not just a ticket submitted email - but something that declares your account canceled. Do not trust this company.



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    Hi @shylow,

    We are sorry to hear about the negative experience with TeamViewer!

    Regarding an annual subscription license, please also understand that as an annual subscription, it does renew each year unless cancelled prior to 28 days of renewal. To cancel or downgrade a TeamViewer license, please submit a ticket at least 28 days prior to the renewal date. You can also find more information about TeamViewer subscriptions from our Community article: Subscription renewal

    If you have already been in communication in the support ticket with the support agent, we kindly ask for your patience in getting a response from the team. At last, we hope you will soon have a satisfactory outcome!

    All the best,


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