CMD/Shift/Ctrl/etc. keys will be 'sticky' on client computer, not releasing after being let go

I connect from my windows PC to the target mac PC and very very very often anytime I use CMD/Shift/Ctrl/etc. teamviewer does not recognize that I have let them go and so a mouse click will become a cmd+mouse click, or if I am moving the cursor it will act as though I continued to hold down shift even though I have not. It is infuriating.

I have seen other posts have this issue as well but with no resolution or responses. One user said the problem went away after making sure both machines have the same version but that has not worked for me. I am using 15.37.8 on both.

Has anyone else been able to get past this? If my question is not answered is there another way I can contact teamviewer for support or do they strictly respond to paying customers?

Thank you.