Teamviewer suddenly a lot slower


i use teamviewer to control a tablet from my phone or my computer and recently in the last 2 days its become unusably slow, ive not changed anything in the settings prior to it becoming slow, it was set to "prioritize speed" pretty much since i first installed it, since it broke ive just tried things like custom settings greyscale via my pc but it didnt help, and by slow im talking about 1 frame every 5 seconds or so, powerpoint presentation levels.

im not sure what information i could or need to provide to get help with something like this, some basic stuff is the tablets on 5g wifi as well as my phone and my computer is on lan but also still doesnt work well anymore, before a couple days ago it ran fine. the tablet is a Samsung a7 lite, the phones an a53 and my computers a mid tier gaming rig. ive tried restarting the tablet and having teamviewer be the only thing running but neither made a difrence.