Teamviewer 15.47.3 not opening

My TV is not opening on the latest version.

  • The window appears to open for a moment before closing.
  • Icon is not found within the taskbar background apps
  • Teamviewer is found in task manager but ending task then attempting to re-open makes no difference
  • Stopping and re-Starting the service makes no difference
  • Uninstalling even with tools such as Revo to remove all remants and then reinstalling after a restart makes no difference
  • Restarting winsock makes no difference
  • Can install and run version 14 then upgrade to an early version 15 and still run but unable to set up unattended access via my other systems that are on the newest version since the whole migration thing
  • As soon as I update the running version 14/early 15 to the latest version it stops working again

All my other devices are running the latest version with no issues.