TV quicksupport UAC prompt not visible eventhough started as admin

ThomasBalder Posts: 1
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We've been using Teamviewer as an MSP for a while now, and our clients always use QS. We always login with the Windows authentication (our admin credentials) method, and 9/10 times the client QS restarts with elevated rights and we can do anything we need.

But since recently, even though we use the Windows authentication method, and the client QS restarts with elevated rights, when when we do anything that requires elevation, we get the 'dreaded' Your partners desktop is no longer accessible, and our screen is blacked out until the admin credentials are entered. Which we can't because the screen is visible.

We don't have this issue with the installed version of TV, but at the moment it's not viable to install the full version on the devices we support.

We've confirmed that the accounts we use to authenticate with, are local administrators, and are allowed to logon locally and via remote desktop.

Any hints on what to troubleshoot next? Our TV QS version is between 15.45 and 15.46 (we run a weekly script to download the latest version from the web) and full version is 15.46.7.

Edit: we've played around with the UAC settings, and when everything UAC related is disabled (except for run all administrators in admin approval mode, because that causes nothing to elevate, and therefore nothing run in 'uac admin mode'), we see the credentials prompt, but cannot type in it or do anything else.