Latest QuickSupport for Android requires more steps to connect

Lynnskii Posts: 1

Hi, I have been using QuickSupport for years on my elderly mother's Android phone to help her out if she has issues. After the latest update, there are now a couple more layers of questions before she can allow me to connect. The first is to "Check expert information" with a Deny/Check option. The Check option brings up my email address (obscured except for with a check box for "I have read the expert information" and then a Deny/Continue option before finally getting to the Allow option to connect. This behavior appears to now happen for every connection. Is there a way to somehow add me as a trusted user or something to avoid these extra steps every time. Unfortunately, my mom's not very tech-savvy, and it's sometimes difficult for her to describe to me what she's seeing on the screen so I can tell her what to do.