Is Enforcing Full Payment for an Unused Service Post-Auto-Renewal Justifiable?

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Our subscription was automatically renewed in November without explicit confirmation from our end to proceed with the renewal.

We have engaged in discussions with a representative named Eric regarding this matter. Despite our efforts to reach an amicable agreement, Eric is moving forward with closing the ticket and enforcing the payment for the entire year's subscription.

This approach is particularly concerning, as we were unaware of the auto-renewal policy until the previous year and ceased using the application since the final quarter of 2023 as it no longer meets our needs.

Given these circumstances, we are earnestly seeking to negotiate a fair resolution, considering the service has remained unused since its automatic renewal.

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    Hi @claire0209,

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    We’re sorry to hear about your experience.

    However, we do not have the ability to assist in such matters on the Community. We can only confirm that the license does renew unless canceled prior as stated at the bottom of the original invoice.

    You can find all about subscriptions, including cancellation methods, renewal periods, and more, in our Knowledge Base article:

    📃All about subscription

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    At their new exorbitant yearly sub rates, Teamviewer knows that if they confirmed the renewal that there would be lots of people canceling unused or little used accounts. As long as they don't require customer interaction (they do send a "notification") they can keep renewing until the credit card expires.

    Teamviewer will do or say whatever they have to to keep your money. Their business practices are very shady IMHO.

    This may be a good case for worldwide class action. We would never see a penny of it but TV would spend bizillions defending it.

    Good luck,