Quick Support on Android 13

Randy6919 Posts: 1 Newbie

Recently I bought a tablet, Lenovo P11 (gen2), and I tried to use QuickSupport on the device.

At first it worked well but since a short time but I can sign in on the device but can't remotely use it. When I try to click on an app it won't open. Every click from a windows pc is shown as a long press on the touchscreen. Besides this the home buttons on screen doesn't work as well.

Swipe it does register swipe movement but no click/press interactions.

Is there a way to fix this?


  • vlarkin
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    edited February 13

    It's true, we have the same problem.

    On Lenovo TB300XU devices after updating to Android 13 - remote control of the device is not possible, every click is shown as a long press on the touchscreen. We have over 600 devices with this issue where QuickSupport has become impossible to use. Forced to look for another solution for remote device management.