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Why Can't I Control my Android Device?



  • Hilverr
    Hilverr Posts: 1

    Moto G7 Play has updated to Android 10 in Canada.  Previously Remote control needed system privilges.  With Android 10, I can see the G7 Play screen, but I can not control it.  The mouse control causes a hand to appear to suggest to the Android user where to press.  Is there a plan to update Teamviewer to actually "control" the G7 Play?

    Thanks for your great product.   



  • TVchris
    TVchris Posts: 2

    connection from Win10prof (Teamviewer 15.7.7) to Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (SM-T515NZSDDBT with Android-10, newest Quicksupport from PlayStore)) does not work. Samsung Knox is allowed, new installation didn't solve this behaviour.

    Connection itself is established, but access to Galaxy's desktop is refused from Galaxy Tab, pls refer to attached screenshot:
    "Ihr Partner hat die Verbindungsanfrage abgelehnt"

    How to get it working?

    Thanks and best regards, Chris 

  • The phone always closes. The application "Google Play Service" crashed again. There comes "About applications" "Send feedback" "Closed applications". What is this? And how can I remove it. Thank you.

  • md-
    md- Posts: 2

    Which Add-on did you use? All addo-ns show incompatible today.

  • md-
    md- Posts: 2

    I am using android version 8.0.2 on my Shield. When I try to download, the play store says it is incompatible.

  • I have 2 Samsung Devices.
    1 is a phone running Android 10 and i can remote control that device, however the other is a tablet running Android 7. When i connect to my tablet running TVQS i do not get the option to "Remote Control" this device. (There is no option for this)
    i have installed TVQuick Support
    Samsung Addon
    Universal Addon
    Android Addon
    None of which has made any difference... 

    P.S. QS worked on the same tablet 2 weeks ago????

    Please Help...
    Regards Wayne

  • Hi community,
    just try this one. Enable the option "Appear on top" within the app Info on the remote device afterwards you can see the screen of the tablet.





  • darkod
    darkod Posts: 1

    In your article "Universal Add-On for Android" at the step 5 is not clear:

    Once you have installed the add-on please go to the Accessibility menu of your Android device and enable the Universal add-on Accessibility Service

    After installation of Universal Add-On for Android this screen disappeared so it was not possible to find and enable this option anywhere.

    Can you describe more precisely?

  • JeanK
    JeanK Posts: 3,619 Moderator

    Hello @darkod,

    We did not insert any screenshot and precise information because this may vary from one manufacturer to the other. The important information you need to follow is that you need to access the Accessibility menu of your device (which exists in any Android device).

    I hope this could help. ?

    Best regards


    French Community Moderator
  • TotalPC
    TotalPC Posts: 87 Star

    Hello @darkod ,

    This was how I was able to access it...

    Universal Add-On Accessibility Service.jpg

    As @JeanK stated it may be different on your system, but hopefully this will guide you in the right direction.


    TeamViewer user since version 6 (2010). We used other remote software programs (TVNC UVNC PCAny) for many years before.
  • i have been folowing this thread as i cannot connect to my Samsung 10.1 2014 edition tablet for the last 2 weeks (previously it was ok) 
    My Samsung Note 9 is still OK
    as you can see from the att screen shots the tablet (top image) is missing the "remote control" option ????Teamview tablet.jpg


  • Hi there,

    I am trying to connect remotely to my disabled mom's Samsung tablet running Android 10. 

    She is not capable of acceptingthe connection request so I need unattended remote access.

    I cannot got the host app to function properly and the Samsung add-on won't install on the tablet.

    Since the Universal android addon isn't compatible with the host app is there any other way to accomplish what I am trying to do?


    thanks very much for your help.


  • Best regard.

    I have installed the TeamViewer QuickSupport application, and it works well with the universal plug-in, it allows me to see and control my cell phone, without any problem, it works well.

    Link the cell phone with the TeamViewer Host account, for faster access, but it only allows me to see, and does not allow me to remotely control my cell phone.

    What can I do to allow me to do remote control, with the TeamViewer Host application, my cell phone is a motorola one fusion plus brand and model.

    I appreciate your help.

  • Doesn't work with either Xiaomi Note8T or Xiaomi Note 9S. The addon crashes and the screen just closes.

  • Xav0
    Xav0 Posts: 2

    Is it possible, if we have the Xiaomi mobile added to our Teamviewer account as one more team, to access it without the user's permission? That is, any team that you have added in Teamviewer, if it is connected, you can access it remotely without confirmation, and this happens on PC and some mobiles ... Why doesn't it work on Xiaomi?
    I do not want QuickSupport and have to ask for the code and then enter the web start.teamviewer, enter and the user again has to manually accept remote access, no, I want to enter automatically as you enter a pc or a mobile without having to disturb the mobile user.
    Is that possible with Xiaomi? For now I have not found the way ... Teamviewer keeps loading and finally stops the attempt and does nothing. And if you specifically tell Teamviewer to access the device by password, it gives an error such as that the mobile is not connected to the internet ...
    On the other hand with QuickSupport everything is fine, but it is a nuisance for the user and more if he is not experienced.

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