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Long Press Key (Spacebar for Adobe)

I've found a little information on this, but nothing definitive. By default adobe products have a hotkey (hold down spacebar) that allows you to pan a canvas using the mouse. This does not work when using TeamViewer. It behaves as if I am pressing and releasing the spacebar repeatedely. It is quite annoying and I don't understand why there isn't any logic built in to handle this.

Is there any workaround for this?


  • Fooopa
    Fooopa Posts: 1

    I'm having the same issue.  Super annoying.  The only thing I found which seems to be the same issue (in another context) is this....

    So apparently they are working on it.  FIngers crossed it gets fixed soon.

  • Nadin1
    Nadin1 Posts: 422 Moderator

    Hello @Fooopa

    Thank you for your message. 
    I am sorry, but the described issue is expected behaviour at the moment. 
    Although you are pressing the spacebar key long, TeamViewer gets the command pressing and releasing the spacebar repeatedely from the system and transfers this command to the remote device. 
    Anyway I will forward this issue internally. But I can not say if or when there will be a solution. 


  • derflow
    derflow Posts: 2

    +1 for a solution for this.

    We're a design Studio using mostly Cinema 4D and After Effects and neither the spacebar nor the hotkeys 1, 2, 3 (this is used inside C4D to navigate the viewport, e.g. hold 1, click left MB and move the mouse) get translated correctly. Most other remote control software does this correctly (but has other flaws, hence we're using TV) so there must be a way to get those commands across?

    Thanks in advance!

  • cosstef
    cosstef Posts: 1

    Same problem here, although I found a work-around for this problem

    try SHIFT+SPACE long pressing to move the image ( in photoshop ). Press Shift  before Space, then keep both long pressed 

    Good luck!

  • +1 here

    Should really be fixed

  • Please fix this soon TeamViewer, it's really frustrating and slows down work flow massively.

  • +1

    We really need this sorted, has anyone from TV officially responded to say it's being looked at?

    For those of us working in Adobe CC programs, such a seemingly minor issue causes a frustrating amount of distruption and slow down in productivity.

    The hand tool work around is okay, but just not good enough.

  • T1M
    T1M Posts: 1

    @cosstef Great workaround! Thanks.