Service queue notifications via SMS/mobile notifications?

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Hi folks,

In the coming weeks I would like to find out, if and why you would like to receive service queue notifications through SMS/ mobile notifications.

Please vote in my poll and let me know your thoughts in this thread.

Thanks in advance!



  • its not even so much sms notifications, but I have the iOS app installed on all my devices.  the email noticies are an appricated addition to the service; however, even better than sms would be to add push alerts to mobile devices of ticket requests where i can just tap the notification and imidiatly be connecting to the call.

  • DomLan
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    Hi @Ravi,

    A push system when the application is active already exists, correct?

    So, yes for not connectd, but only through WhatsApp or Telegram


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  • bartlanz
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    Either a Push Notification or a SMS would be nice for me because often times my customers will say they are going to let me into a system when they get there. The time for them to do that is not static. It would allow me to leave my desk and do other things if needed without fear of missing the customer.

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  • Nfoster
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    Can we focus on fixing TeamViewer 12 instead of introducing new features!? The install procedure is rediculous. There are to many commands and switches and we cannot even get it to truely silently install. I bought Advanced Installer Enterprise to try and fix this and we still cannot get this to completely install silently. Modules require the assignament tool which is an exe (Cannot deploy that in Intune MDM). Full version does not create a json file so that it can be assigned.  Using he teamviewer_setting.reg file is ok but user MUST click the "Allow and finish" to get assigned to our TeamViewer account. I mean really this is the most backward logic I have seen in a installation process. You need to amke this easier, like a single MSI package for either Host or full version. OUr users use the host and our Help uses the full version. Neither of which should be abler to modify the settings, s othe MSI would have to included a password protection to the options. Nearly  three months in on TeamViewer and we still have no solution and the devs are not even willing to help us. Just sitting on a $2000 virtual paper weight. Nice!

    Ugh, just when I thought I found a good product, it fails misaralbly.