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Connection Failed (no route) on chromebook


I just upgraded my teamview on the pc to 14.4.2669 and andriod teamviewto 14.4.208 CL. This is the latest version in the google play store. Below is a copy of the messages around the error. Pc to Pc works fine and the android app (14.4.208 CL) also works on a Samsung J7 latest os updates. Direct lan connections also no longer work either. You get asked for the password and then it just sits at "please wait while connecting". This was working until I upgraded the PC's version to the latest at the software's request as it said it would stop working soon. I also updated the app on the chromebook to the latest. The J7 has already been on the latest for a little while. I can not say what the version on the chromebook was prior to the latest.

Update: This may well be an IT problem as the J7 is now having issues. With various router(nn) dns names. Not sure the connection with lan to lan connections. Will keep an eye out.

Update: As it turns out this was an IT issue and, at this time, has resolved its self for the most part. Seems I picked a bad time to get caught up in an update alert, which may have well been a datacenter issue also. So at this time, the current versions for windows 10, chromebook, and the samsung J7 are back to normal. I did find the status page and it was showing all clear, but that was after I had left this post. So it well could have been in an alert state earlier in the day when I was having all the problems. Hoping everything clears up over night.

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