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Unable to connect


Using the free version of Team viewer (15.1.3937) for my Windows 10 desktop. I'm unable to login to my machine via Edge, Internet Explorer or Chrome, tried from 2 diffrent Windows 10 laptops, it doesnt auto connect when I select connect from the managment console. IT attempts to make a connection, then has an issue, password is blank, so I enter what is configured on my desktop but fails.

Using the same password works fine from iOS devices.

End of the log shows this, theres a lot more but not sure what should\shouldnt be shared.
17.01 15:39:40,789: CMD_CONFIRMENCRYPTION: encryption confirmed
17.01 15:39:40,789: Started resendrequest timer
17.01 15:39:42,289: first packet missing -> requestResendPackets()
17.01 15:39:42,290: requesting to resend packets 1-1
17.01 15:39:42,336: Login::SendRequestToConsole(): url=
17.01 15:39:42,541: CC.ConsoleResponseError: Error #2032
17.01 15:39:42,542: ConnectionThreadEvent fatal error: Authentication failed
17.01 15:39:42,543: ConnectionThread closed
17.01 15:39:42,543: ClientGUID:
17.01 15:39:42,544: m_ComSessionAfterEnding: false
17.01 15:39:42,544: m_connectionAlready Suceeded: false
17.01 15:39:42,545: CT.closeHandler: null