Commercial use - Connection time out



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    This just started happening to me. Only my computers being used.

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    same here.....just started happening after 5 years

  • I'm comenting just to say the same that everyone did. But it's true! I swear I have never been paid by the use of the software and never used for any commercial purpose. I have something like 7 or 8 people that I do suport, but it's all friends and/or family. Now I can no longer do it. : (

  • Same here. I use it on exactly 2 computers: My desk top and my laptop. I use it from my laptop to access my desktop when I am out of the house. When did that become 'commercial' ?

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    There are various types of virtual network computing software like TeamViewer out there [removed per community guidelines]. The [removed per community guidelines]. You will need some type of VPN software to go with it if the computer is not on your home network (like family and friends). I'm thinking about ditching TV because they're getting downright nasty with their accusations of commercial use when that has never been the case, and restricting how often I can reconnect to a machine and how long I can connect for. It's extremely petty. Their licenses are HORRENDOUSLY expensive. So much more than most home users would ever conceive of paying for. They are undermining their product and future commercial customers in my opinion. They probably don't even have enough commercial customers as it is since they charge an arm and a leg for their app. That's why 90% of users in a commercial environment probably use it instead of paying for it. They end up punishing everyone because they're a bunch of tight **bleep** who have a very oversized opinion of the value of their product.

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    Heh, just noticed they've edited one of my posts where I was speaking about TV and THEIR OWN offer that appeared. **bleep**, we've been discussing this "free" issues for months if not years, and there were people (myself included) saying that personal licence price-adapted would also work for us, and when we discuss your best offer this is verbotten, too?!? How ridiculous!

  • Answer to your first question is yes I did.
    Second question two months. And the last is patience. Use your time on third party software.
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    @Closed account it took 33 days after I sent in the form. since nothing had happened by that 33rd day I messaged them again. suddenly it worked again but they never send me a message or email to tell me they had switched it back on.

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    #metoo: I was also restored to free, after submitting the form for all the TV IDs... after a while (I didn't count and didn't kept the email) I receive an email that's ok... but it didn't say for which ID it was ok. So I kept using version 9. After another while I received another email which said for this ID (again they didn't say which one) we cannot determine the personal use, sign the form that you're using it for personal use and send it back to us. Again no answer at all, and after a while version 9 was obsoleted, I could no longer use it (they were backporting warnings in this version too), I installed version 14 and voila, I was free again. For how long? No one knows.

  • i get a message before i connect that i am allow 5 minutes access remote computer

    once i am in, within 20 seconds. I do not use team viewer for commercial purposes.  Thanks 

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    I have, it took around 25-40 days, but no matter what, it keeps reoccuring.

    Because something keeps re-triggering it. I even remote from my phone to my home PC.
    If I needed to access some personal data on the go, or run updates to my PC games so they're in a ready, playable state when I'm home - but TeamViewer warns that if I'm connected to a public WiFi: Starbucks, McDonalds, etc

    That will trigger it again. Because I'm connecting in from a Commercial connection. Which I don't do, as I have a large enough mobile data plan to not rely on unsafe public WiFis.

    So then I was warned based on how the Mobile ISP relays, it may be detected as commercial as well..

    I've been detected at least 4 times by now. Their detection system is WAY too sensitive, and is leading to more false detections than anything.

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    Yesterday my Team Viewer 14.4 started timing out after a few minutes.  I have not had a problem with it before this.  Also, I have not changed anything on my laptop or any of the settings with Team Viewer.  I uninstalled the software and reinstalled the software, still having the same problem today.  I did a google search for this issue and no help there.  Any assistance would be appreciated because currently the software is unusable and I'll have to move to ***Third Party Product***. 

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    One more story that confirms my belief this is done on purpose in order to either convert free users to pay, or dismiss them.
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    I'm guessing TV is cleaning house and making it orderly for their potential IPO. Time to boot the freeloaders and close support for them. No tickets allowed. No notification that a support form was submitted appealing their claim of comercial use. Playing an automated message and hanging up when you call into support for the free client. Nothing.**Please do not post TeamViewer IDs**.html

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    edited March 2021

    After getting my warning yesterday, setup [third party product]

    Both work great. I recommend **bleep** for anything using the same email address in your browser and I recommend AD for family/friends where you don't want them logging into your email address in the browser.

    I still have teamviewer installed becuase it does work between residential connections. So far, it only triggers the warning if you're using a commerical connection: internet at restaurants, work, school, etc.
    But this way, if teamviewer doesn't work, I have two other solutions already setup and waiting for me to use them.

    They should seriously just limit the amount of PCs or time used or something, instead of trying to judge everything by whether its a "commerical" connection or not. Lots of "commerical" connections are used for personal use.


  • i am only use teamveawer for fam and frind but now the block me dont no wy can you help me

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    Yeah their auto-filter nipped it because it thought I posted a TeamViewer ID.

    Try this instead: Permira-Backed TeamViewer CEO Favors Possible German Tech IPO

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    This has happened in the past, but TV was prompt about getting it resolved.  This time, I've not even recieved *any* notification that they've even recieved the form to have the "commercial" flag removed from my system/account.

    Is there anything that can be done to clear the false accusation of commercial use or, alternatively, any means of contacting TV (with regards to this issue) to see if they've even gotten the form into a queue of some kind?

    As of right now, I'm not even getting the 5 minute connection the application states I'll get.  It cuts the connection in a minute or two every time I've tried, making it wholly unusable.  And, yes, I've timed it.

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    They need to come clean.

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    doing the same thing to me.  I use it to connect to my upstairs computer and downstairs.  also use it at work to connect to home computer to shop.  Now it's flagging me non stop.  Any fix to this??

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    Update.  I uninstalled version 14 and installed version 13 and had the same problem. that I had with version 14, it times out with 2 minutes.

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    A few days. As you can see, the two computers are very, very, very apart =)Very distant computers...Very distant computers...OMG

  • My account is literally my PCs and they marked me as a business trial and I have no way to contact them... this is crazy...
  • Same, I don’t know how to get in contact as their phone hangs up and tells you to submit a ticket. Guess imma have to call sales to try to reach someone
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    another update:  I can not start a TV session, however, I can log on to a TV another computer starts and it works fine.  So the problem is just with this computer starting a TV Session.

  • Go to to put in a ticket.