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    I am not a commercial user but Teamviewer thinks I am and now keeps cutting me off after less than 5 min so it is almost impossible to use.

    Any suggestions?



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    I have tried to get my TeamViewer account reset and after not getting any response whatsoever, I have decided to use **Third Party Product** to access my computers in the house from just the one machine.

    It works well enough for my purposes, I'm just fed up with banging my head against a brick wall trying to get TeamViewer to reset my account or even just respond......

    Why isn't this being posted?? Is it not getting approval

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    Just want to add my voice to all of the others here. I have homes in 2 different countries. My desktop computer is in my permanent home, my laptop computer is with me. I use TeamViewer on an infrequent basis to log into my home desktop computer to transfer files and keep Backblaze working there. Today I had someone start up the desktop computer, fire up TeamViewer, give me the password and I attempted to log in. The connection shut down after 10 seconds and subsequent attempts to reconnect were blocked and I got the "commercial use detected" nonsense message. I followed the links to fill out a PDF which I am supposed to print, sign, scan and reupload. I do not have a printer. I am not going to go somewhere and pay to have them print this out so I can sign it for this nonsense. I have posted messages to TeamViewer on Twitter and Facebook but I do not expect a response.

    Then I did some searching, came to this community, and I see 281 pages of messages from people having a similar problem. I don't think anyone will read through 281 pages of messages, I checked the last couple of pages. I am guessing there is some error on TV's side. Apparently no one there cares enough to send out an update as to why this is happening or when it will be fixed. This is extremely aggravating!!!!!

    I get that this is free but when it is something that has been available for years and apparently billions of people depend upon and it suddenly stops working and there is no message on the website, no update or anything, that's really bad (to say the least).

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    Sadly you will have to print, sign, scan and upload the pdf document to get into the Teamviewer appeal process Steve. I and many others have already made representations to Teamviewer that this is an unnecessary burdensome process for people who have been unfairly deemed a commercial user.

    If all you are trying to do is connect to your home desktop and assuming you are using either Windows Pro or OS X 10.10.5 (or later) then I highly suggest you use RDP or ARD (MS or Apple respectively) to connect with your home desktop computer.

    (NB: Teamviewer moderators: Before you delete this post I'm not mentioning a competitor product, simply built in protocols for the operating systems, so please take care.)

    Good luck.

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    Sadly, I have Windows Pro on my desktop but Windows Home on my laptop. A friend has sent me (via Twitter) some other alternatives to try and if this isn't fixed in a couple of days then buh-bye TeamViewer!

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    That will work for you Steve. Pro on the machine you want to remote TO, Home on the machine you want to remote from.

    [removed per Community Guidelines]

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    I have the same problem. Also I can not get .pdf to reset TV ID. Very nice Teamviwer.

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    You need to upload the PDF and then wait for someone to look at it. Could take days or in some cases weeks. Hopefully once the reset team look at it and convinced about your plea they may, as is happening frequently, reset the wrong ID. You will then have to rinse and repeat.

    Undue patience is required. 😔

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    Good morning,

    I was using my TeamViewer account to help family members and occasionally log in to my work computer (a non-profit public school) to help me work from home. I now understand that I or my organization would have to pay to access my work computer. How can I get my account reset as a personal only account so that I can continue to help my mother and other family members?

    Thank you!

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    I only ever use TeamViewer to help my 94 year old mother-in-law who lives in a nursing home in Spain (we live in London). Everything was working fine when suddenly I was flagged for commercial use - I don't know why. I completed the reset form and got an email back from the Personal Use team accepting that my usage is non-commercial and saying that they had reset my ID.

    But I still can't connect. I get the same warning about suspected commercial use and my sessions are closed after 10-20 seconds. I wrote again to the Personal Use team but haven't heard back from them.

    My mother-in-law uses the QuickSupport app for Android that is freely available and I connect to her with the full Team Viewer software. Could she have been flagged for commercial use even though she only uses QuickSupport and doesn't use the full TeamViewer software? That would be quite bizarre but I can't think of many other explanations.

    Alternatively, I think I read somewhere that if the connection still doesn't work after a reset then the QuickSupport app may need to be re-installed. I really hope that isn't the case because that would simply not be feasible in the current circumstances of the pandemic.

    The lack of support and growing list of computer problems are actually causing my mother-in-law a lot of mental distress so I really hope that someone might be able to help me to resolve this problem.



  • I have a free license because I use the program to help my mum who lives far away. Lately, I've been having this error which says that my license limits the length of the session. Why is that?

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    ive sent 3 various reset forms explaining everything all have been accepted and supposed "reset" and there's still commercial use detected when i teamview into my own pc from my phone. This is starting to get ridiculous and all my friends and i are thinking about finding an alternative to teamviewer. please if theres an email address i can email them or any help is appreciated

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    Hello dear community,

    I've been using Teamviewer for a long time and now have a problem where the support told me to contact the community ...

    Due to Corona, I now regularly log into my great-uncle's computer on Sunday mornings to switch on a live stream for him. Now I once had a connection break via WLAN. Since then I have been getting the error message “Connection is blocked after timeout. Your license limits the maximum session duration to a partner, immediate new connections are blocked. Please try again later or upgrade your license. "

    Do I have to have a license for this use case? That would be very unfavorable because I am not able to finance a license for this. Is there a solution for this? Unfortunately, a connection is still not possible even after the blocked time has expired. Can you help me there?

    I would be very happy to hear from you.



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    When I sign in, I get signed out in 20 seconds and not allowed to sign back in. Long ago, I submitted the form documenting I was not using it for commercial purposes but rather for my now 98-year old Dad. It worked finr for months and now not again. Please help.

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    I recently bought a dedicated server and tried to connect to it using teamviewer but I get this message. how can I fix this so I can connect to it anytime I want. I don't own a business this is for personal use only.

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    I cannot use it because a suspect of using it commercially I used the web site to get reactivate and completed the form. I click at the end to upload PDF it does not complete the process.

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    I cannot normally connect to my friends as I am suspected for commercial use, but it is not true. Can I have some help with that?



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    Quite honestly Teamviewer Moderators you are doing an appalling job here. What you removed is simply me advising a user how to use their existing Microsoft Software, I was not recommending a competitor product or giving any clues of how to get round TeamViewer blocks. Please point to me the specific community guideline that says a user can not advise another user how to use their existing software. Feel free to send me a PM if you are too embarrassed to highlight the specific rule publicly.

    What next? Will be be banning Bill Gates if he dared to register on your forum simply because he founded Microsoft?

    @Esther - appreciate if you could look at this and let me know your thoughts.


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    same here, I'm trying to help my disabled father, and the connection is terminated

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    Hi, In my free account I have three actively used remote connections for my family. For just one of them, after connection the system kicking me off in one minute and I get a notification from Teamviewer, such as "Your Teamviewer Session has timed out and will be closed". BTW, I have applied and received an acknowledge from TV that "you are using TeamViewer for private use only". Why it this? please assist. Thank you in advance.

  • sd_vlsi
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    I face the same issue, trying to help my father with his computer, and same as you, I get kicked off with the same accusing message.

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    I am using free version of team viewer (for persona use) for controlling my remote desktop but not able to connect it. Every time I am trying to connect it, after 2 mins it shows time out and disconnect automatically. I have attached the picture of the problem, if u guys have any solution to this, plz help me out. Thanx in advance

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    I've been judged to have been using Teamviewer Free for commercial use twice in as many months when I have not. Now I can't even submit a request to have the necessary parameters re-set because the on-line request process does not work. I can fill in the necessary form information but when I click on "Generate PDF", nothing happens and the process doesn't "move" to the next stage of the process. I've tried it in two browsers, Firefox and Edge and the result is the same on both occasions, nada, zilch, zip, nuthin.

    So, I am going to have to get around the problems I have without Teamviewer. A curse on all your houses and your product. You are doing a good job of driving off your non-licence paying free users which is, I am sure, no great loss to you. Congratulations!

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    same same.

    48sec connections.

    no replies after submitting the form.

    at this point a 6hr drive during a pandemic lock down to fix my mother in laws PC , is my best option. I honestly thought about the $800/yr option but based on the current state of replies on the free license I fear that the service will be no better and I'll be out that $$.

    Perhaps more reasonable rate for a personal use license would be good? I cannot justify $60/mth.

    That said when it works its fantastic.

  • FuzzmanKs
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    You maybe violating the terms of service for the free version. See the first post in this thread and the Blog that is referenced in that post. If you are using a server OS, that is not permitted.

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    My TeamViewer - free private use - have suddenly been timeout after 1 minute errors. I don't use it for commercial purposes. Only copy between my work computer and home computer and sometimes help my mom, being 80 years old, with emails.

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    I have been using teamviewer to only connect to one family member's account. It keeps giving me an error to say that my account looks like it has been used for commercial use.

    I have complete the document to confirm that I only use it for private use, and have also received a response from Teamviewer advising that my account has been reset.

    The first time I went on it again today, it is giving the same error. This is really frustrating!!!!

    How do I fix this?

  • I am using team viewer for personal use but after 1 minute I got error like connection blocked after time out. your license limit the usage & I am unable to connect to another PC. If team viewer is free for personal use then why it is showing this error again and again. Please provide the solution.