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    TeamViewer is asking me to buy a license because it thinks I'm using it professionally. I don't see how this is possible; I use it to connect to a media center in another room (where there's no keyboard/mouse), and occasionally to help my mom with her computer. That's it; the only two computers I've ever connected to remotely. I used to be able to email technical support to ask for help with this, but apparently that's no longer an option.

    Is there any way I have to use TeamViewer (free) now, or do I have to give up and try to find another application to remotely connect to these computers? Assuming I do somehow get this fixed, how do I prevent this from happening again? Personally, I think that TeamViewer is snooping on my computer, which I do use for work (but never with the Teamviewer software), which has me really concerned.

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    It is the second time my account gets flagged as Commercial.

    I can't open a ticket like I did last time I got that problem because the web site redirects to the community forum and I can't find how/where to fill an issue ...

    Why my private account gets flagged once again ? I only use it privately for personal use (only with my own computers and tablets).

    What can I do to get my account back and not flagged again in the future ?

    Thanks for your help.



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    I am trying to revoke my free licence because I use Team Viewer only to help my friends and family. These people are elderly, and they have a low level of knowledge regarding computer science. However, when I try to do so, on the page

    my country is positively recognized as Serbia, but the field for ZIP/Postal Code remains red whichever entry I use. How can this be solved asap?

    Best regards,


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    I’ve tried three or four times to unblock my personal account, which has been diagnosed as ‘using commercially’

    I run a small personal webserver, accessible only to relatives and friends, and in none of my internet accesses to I receive ANY revenue, commercial or otherwise. I don’t use TeamViewer for any commercial activity either.

    How can I contact someone at TeamViewer to unblock my account?

    I’ve tried to send the suggested PDF form three or four times. I’m not sure it has even successfully sent, and my account is still blocked, over a week after my first attempt, and several days since my latest attempt.

    I can’t find any way of accessing TeamViewer support with only a free account. Two factors authentication doesn’t work, because I am away from home and no text messages to my registered UK mobile number are coming to me.

    Any suggestions, please, to find a US phone number I can call during business hours in the USA where I’m on holiday, when my home computer is based in the UK?

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    I have a free Teamviewer account that I have occasionally used for years when I go out of my home area (use it maybe once every 2 weeks or so). Last week, I tried to access my account and it said I am now a commercial account. I do not know what this means and why it came up but when I look at my desktop computer it clearly states that I have the free version.

    Is it the desktop that the issue is with or the laptop/ipad I am trying to connect with that is the issue and how do I fix it as I can no longer go quickly access my computer if I need to do so.

    I do not use this for business or anything so don't need a paid subscription.

    any help would be appreciated.

    thank you


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    how to reset

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    Hi I am using Teamviewer from my work guest-net to save my mobil-data, but now I get you are using Teamviewer in commersial purpose, which I do not do!

    I have tried to get contact with support without any success

    I do not want to change to another program because I have installed Teamviewer to my and my wifes parents

    What should I do!?

    BR Lars

  • LarsK99
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    I must add the Guest-net work is where I work... BR Lars

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    ? thought i was clear, I'm getter a message that is saying I'm a pro user when I'm not and to buy a license, TeamViewer web site has instructions for resetting except the site has changed and the instructions are no longer valid. Please reset. [removed per Community Guidelines].

  • without
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    it thinks lm using this as a commercial use but it personal use 

    is there anything l can do to change this ?

    for every time lm trying to help a friend out it thinks its a commercial use and won't allow me to connect

    let me know

    Thanks for any help

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    I am using the free version, and I went on vacation last week, and took my business issued Windo9ws 11 Pro laptop with us. I installed TeamViewer on it so my wife could access the home computer (Windows 10 Home) on it while away. When we tried, the app would connect, then give me a warning about a potential license issue, then it would timeout after a couple of minutes and disconnect, ad it would say that it appeared we were using it for business purposes in violation of the free version licensing stipulations. We weren't. what's going on here and how can I stop this from happening?

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    I always use Teamviewer for private purposes but Teamviewer itself thinks otherwise. In fact, I get thrown out after a few minutes with every session.

    They say I am using it for business purposes which is not true.

    How can I solve this without having to purchase Teamviewer for private use?

    With Regards,


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    Then to be booted constantly to a point i could not login within an hr and account is dead. I play a game for 14 years to have my main account dead cause i cannot see the warnings on my home computer. Free my **bleep** just lost 14 years of my life hero building and **bleep** Thnxs

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    I used team viewer alot not commercially . I went thru the so called process and still tried to logon with a 10 seconds connection to be greeted with a disconnection that am using it commercially. I used it alot for when I am at work so I can see if I have incoming attack(game evony) be heard so i can respond. Thnxs to this program 14 years in I lose what I deemed prized to a sorry you are using this commercially . I am a dry Waller drywall has nothing to do with business. Thru this latest episode of me using it for something else is **bleep**.i lost 14 years of work in a day cause i was using this so called program as commercial. Yes if I gamed for money and logged on remotely charge me but me being using it as a game with no monetary gains from this than YES its not commercial . I type in help section than i get these so called badges ? what the **bleep** are those ? Do I only get them when you **bleep** up or are they earned ?

    These games are 24/7 and i stayed up late many of nights 14 plus years so that i would not lose cities and heroes but !!!!!! with your company i thought was a good service ended up with me no not ever wanting to use your product . If I am out I cannot login to remote pc to fix it (when i had a remote program ((teamviewer)) why bump me up in a badge when you can shove this untrust worthy program . I can accept if I was not around to hear the (incoming attack warnings) I was THERE (at work) trying to connect with commercial use notice. 14 plus years and with a trusted program I used deemed me commercial use. I lost 14 years of work on a dying game, I was 1 of the last few. 14 **bleep** years and was disconnected because commercial use **bleep**. I hang drywall not IT my job does not need a computer <Just a drywall gun and rasp/lifter. If I ever was a business after this shanagan I would take say **bleep** no . I just wished I had more notice like 24 hrs to say you think this is what am using for (to allow me to respond) You didn't so yes I lost 14 years of work and gained 2 badges for your site **bleep**

  • Hello I want to use the teamviewer for my personal use but it won't let me it keeps directing me to purchase a license. I am having knee surgery and want to set up my laptop to connect to my PC upstairs during my recovery

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    nice to see there are lots of questions and few answers on this forum.

    I have used the Free version for several years, as I only need it very infrequently. An emergency today made me need to access another computer this afternoon for a couple of hours, and I was getting knocked off after 5 minutes. Hard to work in 5 minute bursts. So I went ahead and paid $83 for an individual account. I have since spent the last three hours trying to get connected through that new paid account with absolutely no luck. TeamViewers "chat" is a robot with multiple choice questions only, so no joy there. Everytime I try to log in, it still shows me with a "Free" account and offers to let me upgrade, even though the paid account is with a different email and password. Can't seem to get logged off that old free account and on to the new one, so have gotten absolutely nothing done today...except raising my blood pressure.

    Think I too will explore other options. Though that won't help me in the immediate situation.

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  • Wallie
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    How to fix connection timing out

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    Suddenly there appears a "possible license issue" message when I connect with another PC. So I go to the page and fill it out. When I click on "Generate & Upload PDF" nothing happens. Tried 4 or 5 times. All fields are filled out - none are highlighted in red. WTH???

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    I am trying to use TeamViewer to access my plex server. The catch is my plex server is running on windows server 2012 so I believe TeamViewer thinks I'm using it comercially but this is my personal server and a windows key I got back in college. Is there any way around the automated comercial use protection?

  • rjtheobald
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    I am trying to reset my personal use TeamViewer license because I am erroneously getting a "commercial use" warning and shutdown. I filled out all the information on the reactivate license web page but when I click on the "Generate & Upload PDF" button nothing happens. When I call in for support on the webpage problem no one answers. How can I get this non-commercial license reactivated?

    P.S. I may have selected the wrong category b/c there is nothing for Website questions.

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    I'm signed in to TeamViewer with this gmail account for I think the last 10 years. I use TeamViewer like 2-3 times every month only but in the last 6 month I get timeout and the warning that TeamViewer has detected Commercial use, and I need to buy a licens but I don't use TeamViewer that much to invest in a licens . Should I change gmail account and it might work as free aging?

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    Saying commercial - I am NOT - just trying to help my 91 year old father who lives 150 miles away.

    can't fill in the form as the Team Viewer ID is not recognised - is it this one

    [Removed per Community Guidelines]

    can't even submit the form???

    Always used to work - use it about 2-3 times a year

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    My Account is locked because I connect to my private server??

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    I used to use teamviewer to quickly swap files between my gaming pc and my laptop, but now it's "detected as a commercial laptop". well.. it isn't. and this has happened many times in the past, maybe because I bought a windows LTSC key because I don't want windows updates, maybe because teamviewer just wants to provide such a terrible service to non pro users that everyone switches to **Third Party Product** (because this happened long before I used LTSC)

    you used to be able to ask support, now I see support is a public forum lol. so okay, here you are publicly: I can't use the software and get constantly locked out, all I'm trying to do is transfer midi so I can play synthesia on my laptop at my girfriend's house with songs I have at home. If I ever wanted to do anything actually using remote access I obviously wouldn't use this terrible software over **Third Party Product** and if I wanted to file transfer in a commercial environment I would obviously just use google drive or onedrive, or dropbox, there is pretty much nothing that teamviewer does well enough to warrant using it commercially

    is there any way I can unlock my account or shall I just deinstall this free user hating program that obviously doesn't want a non paying consumer to exist in its ecosystem

  • alexrose
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    p.s. I really enjoy how you try your best to make it impossible to speak to someone or find someone who will actually be able to unlock your account. I know full well this forum is the wrong place to post this and yet there is no alternative so ggs there too

  • alexrose
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    also thanks for automatically subscribing me to forum junk emails, really appreciate that

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    I have used Teamviewer for many years. I only use it on personal devices, never a company device or a PC on a domain. Recently, I was flagged for commercial use and I have no idea why. This mistakenly happened to me many years ago and it took support to clear the hold on my account. But with their new "stream lining" I can't even get through to support.

  • wkskid_r5dc54dc4
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    been using team viewer (free version) for a few years now.

    it started getting a little flakey about 2 months ago, now it is dead in both directions.

    When I go to connect it now states there may be a licensing issue.

    my connections have not changed. I uninstalled and re-installed and still get the same thing.

    I do not mind paying for it if I have to, but will it work? or is there something else going on.

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