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  • Personally, I believe the answer is finding a new product. Marketing teams always do this for a lot of companies and need to change their mindset or they'll just keep doing things like this. 

    Marketing like this amounts to social engineering and manipulation.

    I'm not a psychological experiment, thanks.


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    Recently I started to get this message on my iPhone X (brand new phone) and I only used teamviewer to connect to 2 Computers (My PC at home) and my brother PC as well, I have one for my uncle as well but I haven't connected to his PC for over a year... I use 90% of the time to connect to my home PC and maybe 10% to my  brothers PC, and this message keep on popping and disconnecting me from TeamViewer in less than 1 minute of connectivity and allowing me to reconnect back in 15-30 minutes and for 1 minute... how to fix this issue? I believe this is a bug.

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    goodbye teamviewer you just messed way too much with private users that make you so popular in the first place.

    I am really angry at this compagny, i do not wait 30days after them i went with [removed by moderator] that offer also a free license. They didnt offer a personal account that would cost less... its economic 101 those guys dont know how world goes around

    just look at fortnine, i repeat WE ARE THE ONES THAT PUT YOU UP THERE.
    But now we are quitting you and some other compagnies will take your spot

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    Buy a new license of 2016 of ebay for 5buck
    i am uninstalling team viewer everywhere, i suggest you looking in Screenconnect, their solution is good and wont ban you to use servers and domain at home just like me and you

    @f1ydave wrote:

    I am having this same issue. My home is on a domain network still running on Windows Server 2003...its just a file server. I did convert it over to a virtual server a few years ago. I rely on the free teamviewer to be able to connect to it from time to time. I am not willing to pay more for remote access than for a cell/cable plan. My problem is finding a remote service that can support Server 2003 still. I have downloaded 5 options and will start trying to install them during each teamviewer block. What a way to spend the day.

    I don't need chat features, video, sound, etc. Teamviewer, why not just **bleep** all the premium features out of the free version and just allow remote control/unattended access?


  • @MSabobeh

    Do not believe in a bug.:mansad:
    Or do you still believe in Santa Claus?:manvery-happy:
    Sorry, I am a cynic and believe in what I see.:mantongue:
    Look at the Tread and you know what I mean.:manembarrassed:
    Do not be naive and look for an alternative.:manwink:

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    ... and you do that by pretty much a 100% removal of their ability to use the tool until you gracefully took the time to read through the thousands of emails? What a nice gesture, especially if you are on vacation, trying to connect back home to download emails and check the security cameras.

    [removed by moderator per Community Guidelines - #6 - Just the facts, please]

    No matter how serious you suddenly ! believe the issue is, treating your users they way you did is flat out disgusting and I would also bet that none of the users your organization treated this way will even spend a penny to buy a product from you - to be honest, I am not even going to use it for free if it was ever offered for free again. And you can bet, that none of the companies I do IT executive strategic consulting with will ever, ever hear anything positive about any of your products.

    A company that is not trustworthy should just disappear from the market - as your organization for sure soon will be...

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    The thing is I use a lot of remote connection from phone and PC to same devices... not sure what other alternate would be there that works same way without locking the PC (RDP)

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    Buy a 2016 license to Screenconnect? Do you have a link?

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    I have been using TeamViewer for years.  I primarily use it to access my home computers and my home server remotely, and also remotely fixing my children's laptop when they are in college.  I do install the app on my work laptop.  I don't using it for busines.  I don't remote control my work laptop when I am at home.  (I take my work laptop home; thus, there is no reason to remote control the work laptop.)  I don't use it for business.

    Recently, I am keep getting the message I need to play fair and buy business license.  This morning, I tried to get some information from my Desktop at home.  TeamViewer disconnected me after 10 second every time I connected and tell me I am timed out because of my license limit.  What is going on?  How can I convience TeamViewer I am not using it for business?   (My company does not have domain network.)

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    Yes, you are probably right.

    Anyway a company cannot declare a software free for non commercial use and then adopt an algorithm that points you as a commercial user without any valid reason. Therefore you can fight for your and other people rights; otherwise you give up. Let me know about alternatives. 

    Better to know them largely in advance.

    In addition, this is one of the few forum portals which uses its own sandbox spellchecker which is reaaly annoying and useless.

    Dear programme, let us know WHY !!!

    @justsomeguy wrote:

    Personally, I believe the answer is finding a new product. Marketing teams always do this for a lot of companies and need to change their mindset or they'll just keep doing things like this. 

    Marketing like this amounts to social engineering and manipulation.

    I'm not a psychological experiment, thanks.



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    Haha, the team viewer moderators deleted my reference to the software I am migrating too.  Apparently they realise what they have done to their own software and are scared of the competition.

    KRALLE Posts: 1

    Use for years Free license lately thrown out!

    How can I use the license unrestricted?

    Use the license twice a month!

    Please answer !

    Best regards


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    My home run business on technical writing stopped operation over 3 years ago. I am now retired and have no income from business. I did keep my domain name for continuity reasons. I use Teamviewer to occasionally help my sister and a friend with their computers. I also use it to organize and extract data from my older computers, although I can also do it without Teamviewer but it is more convenient since I have been bed ridden since last year fighting cancer. So I am playing fair but Teamviewer is not since they insist that I am running a business.

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    I have been getting the same message and they have totally cut me off. Now I have to drive 250 miles one way to set up [Removed per Community Guidelines] so I can access my computer at my vacation home.

    Being that I have lots of friends in IT I will be letting them know just what I think of TeamViewer. The list serve I am on for home automation has been having similar experiences and we had a pretty lengthy thread about TeamViewer and none of it was nice.

    [Removed per Community Guidelines]  My laptop, iPad, iPhone, and my home autoamtion server is all set up now. I just have to make the 10 hour drive to my vacation home because I can't access it any longer via TeamViewer.

    It would have been nice if they had given us a 30 day notice instead of cutting us off in the middle of the ocean and left us to drift.

    Oh, and I expect this to get deleted because it is not look very favorable for TeamViewer.

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    I just posted my problem with Teamviewer but it ended up posting as a reply instead. Now, who is playing fair>
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    [Post Removed]

    Feel free to send me a PM

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    I don't have problem if TeamPlayer starts charging for Personal License.  As long as the pricing structure make sense and reasonable.  But cutting us off because we are "business user" which we are not is just upsetting.

    I read about Chrome remote.  I don't really trust a company who profits proposition is to capture, package, and sell my data to have access to my computer.

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    having the same problem today.
  • RLO
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    This was doine on purpose and they are blocking people from saying so.  If you use Google Chrome, you can download their remote utility for free; did it last night and usnig it now!.

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    I am also experiencing this problem, completely unusable and I was loving TeamViewer; I guess it’s time to move on to the other products mentioned in this thread.

    Just wanted to let the TV business people that if they offered a reasonable personal use price I would pay for it; in fact I was looking for one earlier today just so I could have faster connections....Only to find out there isn't a solution; unless I want to pay for business and be limited to one session at a time.

    My favorite product goes right down the tubes....


    BYE BYE TEAMVIEWER....BTW, this is the second time I have come back to TV, with the renewed interest in TV13; I won't be coming back a thrid time.

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    Well, not sure that happened but they changed something because TV is now working for me. No more 1 minute logoffs  (knock on wood)

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    It goes away and comes back depending upon the day, at first I thought it was just a glitch; then I started noticing the commerical popup. I have uninstalled TV from all my machines; yes in the last 2 hours, I'm so **bleep**ed I'm gutting everything now.

    [Removed per Community Guidelines]


    I am also submitting a direct review during the uninstall process with the info in this thread.

  • Same here!   It went down the drain a couple of days ago.   I feel they are going to ending up like [Removed per Community Guidelines].  Commercial use would be like running a big building with lots of employees, and money in the safe.  I uninstalled the software back in the 24th of July, and I stopped using it ever since.    I thought TV would give us a chance, but they turned our backs on us now.  

  • I get the same, got an email saying oh you really are a personal user so we are lifting restrictions and setting your account to a personal licience and nothing has changed at all STILL says i need to buy and cuts me off after 30 seconds.[Removed per Community Guidelines].

    Why dont TV offer a paid personal licience with reduced functionality for just RDP for a cheaper price I would have bought it years ago but they are moronically greedy it seems

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    For a few days my use ABSOLUTELY PRIVATE and not commercial is exchanged for commercial use with consequent termination of the connection. I have no license because I use TV only to monitor my PCs from outside the home. I therefore ask for the resolution of the problem, so I can no longer use it.
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    Sometimes, completely uninstalling and then re-installing TV clears the "Commercial Use" flag.
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    I wouldn't mind paying for a personal version too, but the only paid option is way to expensive for just personal use.

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    I can understand a company changing their business or pricing model, but in my opinion, this was handled very badly by Teamviewer.

    If they were going to limit the connections to 30 seconds for personal accounts suspected of commercial use (and especially since it can take weeks or even 30 days to get a response from the verification form submission), it would have made more sense to slowly taper the limits instead of jump straight to a 30-second limit.

    This isn't even enough time for me to get to my logs in order to send them to Teamviewer for verification!

    Why not start with a 5 min timeout or something, with a message indicating the changes and that the limit will soon change to 30-seconds.  Give us a chance for advanced notice and time to fill in the form and get whitelisted.