Commercial use - Connection time out



  • phmeyer
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    My account is mentionned as a commercial one. I assure you that I only give assistance to Friends & Family.

    Can you reset my account back to the Free NON commercial version ???

    CLEARLINK03 Posts: 1

    It looks like team viewer is intentionally making it hard or impossible to get around their unfounded commercial use accusations. The only retort is to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission for unfair business practices.

  • highlander0681
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    For whatever reason my user has been flagged as being used commercially. That is definitely not the case.

    When I reach the link to request the reset, I log-in and I am presented directly with the PDF being already filled in, with the information I provided, I believe, last year. I don't see the form and there is now way how to submit a new request.

    Could anyone help please?

  • flossiesfootlongs
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    They have flagged me as commercial, All I do is remote to my laptop that has my outlook on it.

    How do I remove this flag? I love teamviewer but I can not afford their rates


  • DannyAustralian
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    Hello, I am using the free release ofTeamviewer for years now, for a private use. I never had a problem, but since one week, everytime I want to use it, I got a message telling me there is a suspiscion I'm using for a commercial use !!!!! Also, every time I am connecting with my dad, there is pop-up that tells me "your session time is expired" and the system logs me off !

    could anybody help me for real (I already tried the automatic answermachine , but it seems it didn't help :(

    thanks in advance !

  • highlander0681
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    The form is not working it shows me already the PDF with data i filled in maybe a year ago and I can't submit new request. I just made a post on this and it got deleted.

    Can actually someone help with this?

  • Lioncourt78
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    I am encountering the same issue now. Despite never using it for any purpose other than remoting to my own units. What is going on with this?

  • grantwilk
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    Same issue here. Very frustrating.

  • spc337
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    I have been using TeamViewer without issue for several years. I use the Free License since I'm merely supporting my parents who live in a different country. Hence, the free license requirements fit my needs and I'm fully compliant.

    About 2-3 weeks ago, I started to experience TeamViewer timing out and then blocking my attempts to reconnect. The message says "Your license limits the maximum session duration to a partner, immediate reconnects are blocked. Please try late or upgrade your license."

    The timeout is happening in less than one minute and blocks my reconnect. As I'm in compliance with the Free License, I have to believe there is something wrong with TeamViewer.

    Can anyone explain what is happening and how to resolve it? This has been a critical tool to help my computer illiterate parents survive the move my most businesses and government agencies require online access to get anything done.


  • TheHead
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    I'm in the same position, for some reason they think I'm using it like a business, I use it maybe once or twice a month to help my parents. This is a bit ridiculous.

  • Godness
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    Not that anyone from Team viewer cares but your checks for detecting commercial usage is rly **bleep**, two or 3 times now I have had to contact team viewer to reset my account because you suspect commercial usage but I'm just helping family - too often for you it seems.

    You either give the public the product for free or not, decide and stick to it.

    And the fact that you deny "free" users any type of direct support **bleep** - what makes you think this will make anyone want to get a license - the way you treat "free" users is the way you will treat paying ones.

  • mocean
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    I've been helping my elderly neighbor with her computer in person and remotely using teamviewer for at least 3 years. 2 years ago, teamviewer blocked my access as commercial use suspected. I jumped through your various hoops and after 10 days, you finally said, ok, you're good and you restored my access. I've continued helping my elderly neighbor using teamviewer, until yesterday when AGAIN, you accuse me of commercial use.

    Floundering around your website and phone system to find what new hoops you want me to jump through this time for -no- reason, I discovered that I CAN'T reset my access because I can't use my cell phone to do it. I was oh so comforted to know that you're -working- on making your web support work for small screens.

    I'm traveling and I can't help my neighbor because of your various and assorted failings. I realize I'm using the free version, but that doesn't mean you have the right to abuse me and my elderly neighbor.

  • HardBurger
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    Thank you TeamViewer for flaging my "once a month access at random times to a computer of an elderly person"

    as COMERCIAL USE( not my idea to use caps, just how it is written in the popup) i guess it is time to part ways and find some other app that will see what I am doing for what it is and will not try to "politely offer" the paid plan.

  • Alf7952
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    I am getting knocked out after 5 minutes and I am only using for personnel use

  • Dario1971
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    I didn't even know the existence of a host version, I downloaded Teamviewer from the standard download page of the website, we both have the same version. I can confirm it is the latest version. I remind I'm using the easy direct access, without password. session starts and ends in 35 seconds (on my side I cannot control). at the second attempt we have 2 cases: Firts is what I described, connection refused on my side and connection apparently working on my father's side; that is the worst case, since I need my father manually close connection to retry. second case that happens is several minutes passed before having the message of connection refused.

    I can say in this moment I got control, several minutes passed, and more sessions refused before the victory :-)

    I do not know if it is definitively solved or not

  • Matt_T
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    I'm using team viewer on personal computers I use for some at home weather station control. I was having an issue with connection the other day and it'd say teamviewer couldn't connect and it'd just close out, but on the computer it was connecting to showed I was connected. Now, if I try to access that computer, it says I am time limited and I need to use a purchased license. Has anyone had this issue or know how to fix it?

  • Mkdtv
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    My usage is not commercial. I only use it to connect to a specific set of PCs. Nlw I am getting disconnected within 30 seconds and cannot connect back. Llease remove the restriction from my account.


  • JPoov13
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    Inevitably any free version will get flagged as commercial use. Doesn't mean you're actually using it that way. I've had it happen to three of the four installs I've got (desktop, laptop, and phone, but not my wife's desktop yet) over the years. Ask to get it reinstated, I'm currently looking for how to do that again as my phone is the one erroneously flagged now.

    And it'll get worse if you don't. My phone got down to 1 minute max and now it's permanently blocked, just from viewing tabs on my desktop.

  • Savevur_1967
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    I hadn't used TV for a while and today when I connected to my wife's PC to help her with a situation, after a few seconds the system kicked me out for exceeding the time limit.

    I wanted to ask if anything has changed. Given that I am a private user and use TV exclusively for private, non-commercial purposes, will I still be able to have this wonderful tool available for free or will I be forced to purchase a license?

    Thank you in advance

  • hallmatt_05
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    I kept getting hit with a restriction of commercial use suspected and I am unable to get a reset. The portal to submit a reset is not working when, i try it sends me a prior request for reset and it never reset i am still getting the two minute cutoff. so my question is the free version being phased out.

  • montrealuser
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    You can only create one PDF per email/account. You have to create a new email address on say, GMAIL and then use that new address to create a new account by "signing up", not by "signing in", when you open your app on your PC. TV may ask you to validate your new account with an email to your new address. Once your new account is activated, you can use your browser to go to the webpage that has the reset tool. After you sign into the reset tool using your new account, you will be invited to fill in a new form. You only get one chance to do it right, so include the ID numbers of all the devices that you are likely to connect with, and don't forget to click on the ADD button for the last ID number in your list, since the tool only reacts to the ID numbers that are on the same line (separated by commas). I had to wait over 12 hours to get my 2 confirmation emails.

  • AZMoosie
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    Savevur_1967, if you read the hundreds or perhaps thousands (by now) if other comments, you would be safe to assume that something has changed and not for the better of the personal users.

  • AardvarkSagus

    I just received a popup warning that I was being restricted because it seemed as if I was using TeamViewer professionally. I have only used it once or twice in the past year, and always to other machines in my own home. The only machines I have used are my own personal computers (of which I build and refurbish a bunch, always to play around and try new software) and a couple friends and family. I have never been paid for my support services (unless you count dinner at my folk's house), and I don't intend to. Generally I only use TeamViewer as a backup when standard RDP is not working as intended.

  • kevbek
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    I'm only using this to connect to my mother's PC...she just needs a LOT of help!! How can I get TV to let me use this thing without disconnecting

  • JAC4488
    JAC4488 Posts: 1

    My TeamViewer is being flagged for commercial use when my account is strictly for personal use. How do I get the commercial use flagging removed?

  • grunkun
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    I was trying to connect my PC to use a software I only installed on my main desktop because I am currently in the Xmas trip. I stayed in an Airbnb property and tried to connect my own desktop PC but got instantly disconnected, an error message saying I was detected to use the personal licence for commercial use.

    I tested the connection one night before flight and the connection was flawless but now I am getting erorrs from the same 2-in-1 laptop. I don't get it, is TeamViewer stopped offering lifetime free personal use? Because I trusted you guys so I didn't bring my high-end laptop but now you are giving me this.

    Please can I ask someone to look into this? I need to use that software urgently because I can only use that software to reach out to certain contacts. It might ruin my whole holiday trip!!!

  • carloshakme
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    Hi there!

    I have a personal use of my TeamViewer. but I've been notified that I can't use it because my use is Business. I never used it as Business. Can some ADM review it and release my account to use it again?

    If you need more information, I'll be here to help.

    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards.

  • SM7NDX
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    Wednesday evening I was trying to help an amateur radio friend with some computer issues regarding amateur radio. I was immediately blocked and you were saying that it was a commercial use of Teamviewer. How can you "know" that?

    Amateur radio is a non profit hobby, even if it is regarding helping friends with their computers.

    What to do?

    [removed per Community Guidelines]


  • Jeff_Friend
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    Last night, I went to help my Mom, who lives a 3 hour drive away, with her Internet by Teamviewering into her computer to go t the modem. And for the third time now, Teamviewer states commercial use.

    This happened as recently as 3 months ago and was cleared.

    Please get back to me as happened last time to have this reset again.

    Maybe time to look at alternatives to Teamviewer. But I have been using it for many years..