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  • when i install time i selected both of the above instead of personal / non-commercial use how to convert it back.....i unistalled several times still the same

  • I have sent in the form to have my account reset twice. So far, it has been working after the 2nd reset. I have run TV and¬†**Third Party Product**¬†side by side and every time I do, the quality of video in the TV link is better. Text and icons are easier to see. It also feels faster, snappier. All things being equal, I would definitely pick TV over **Third Party Product**. Maybe it's just because I am more familiar with it but the image quailty really is better.

    That said, after all that has transpired, I have accepted the fact that I cannot rely on TV as the sole method of remote access, so I have them both set up. If TV starts with the commercial use pop ups and disconnects again, I won't try to get them to reset it a third time. I will just delete it from all machines and go to **Third Party Product**. Then I will pick another remote access method to back up **Third Party Product**. What I have learned from this is that if remote access is critical, then there should be at least 2 methods of doing it set up.

    So to all of you getting whacked with TV commerical use pop ups and are ready to move on, you should really be looking for TWO alternatives, and when you go through the hassle of migrating whatever computers you need to access, set up BOTH remote access methods of your choice. JMO

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    80 bucks or 500 is the same to me. I'm not paying a cent for a remote app.

  • **Third Party Product** from Google Chrome does the same thing as TW and is free.

  • First of all, I would like to thank you for the teamviewer software that you have given us. It's very effective and free for personal users. With your terms, I am a personal user, I only use software to control desktop computers on my laptop, sometimes helping my brother solve some problems. As you can see at the attached screenshot, there are not too many connected computers: 2 or 3... here is screenshot:

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    But I get the message that I am using for commercial purposes and need to use premium.
    Please support for me.
    Sincerely yours!

  • same problem here, I use TV with to help my family ( from a range of 50 to 66 years old ) in their easy computer problems and to connect my computer via mobile phone etc... suddenly get the same alert and closed the connections.
  • Hi,¬† a few days ago teamviewer interrupts the connection due to suspected commercial use, but I am a teacher and I don't use teamviewer for commercial purposes, I need to use it to connect to the school server, Please let me use it in this way, thanks a lot.

    Regards, Gianluca G.

  • There is 5 minute limit for my connection to my home computer. I dont use it for a commercial use. I was connecting to my computer at home. Please help me to improve it that program takes me to use my computer without limit.
    Thanks in advance
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    Hi guys

    I have problem with the Teamviewer sessions

    I have several PCs attached to my Teamviewer account but when I connect from a specific PC with Win7 OS, Teamviewer disconnect me after a short time and show me a message: "The free sessions are only allowed for non-commercial purposes"

    I'm using an account and an installation for private use ...

    From the other PCs this problem doesn't occur. the session remains alive. I have tried to uninstall/reinstall Teamviewer (I have also cleaned the entries in the registry)

    Thanks Pietro

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    .. another umpteenth idea of the TV new marketing department ?

    After the useless and tremendous internal spellcheck, now the mandatory advertisement. At each TV session.

    I believe that soon or later TV will drop off us, considered by Team Viever marketing people and sales dept. as nasty scroungers.

    Here the screenshot (Edited by a moderator. Please attache the screenshot instead of putting the URL link)


    Anybodys elese is experienceing this beutiful TeamViewer gift ?



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    Yes, I get those ads too. At least they are only advertising their own products so far and not other company's products. To me it's like the cable channels that waste so much time advertising what shows they have but at least don't advertise products. Annoying and unnecessary but could be worse.
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    Wow. this post has grown to 43 pages and been active since 2016 and still nothing has been done to solve this????!!!!

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    same hereeee...been using my teamviewer to control my game thats online on my pc using my im suspected for commercial? so what , im paying myself? there were times when my girl help me with my pc troubleshoot but thats not even paying her... so which one my commercial benefit here... so annoying
  • my TeamViewer¬†usage is for personal. Teamviewer is giving a message that "It has detected a commercial usage and terminates the use."Kindly provide a solution for that.¬†

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    Well, TV staff and team doesn't care us (non professional users) in spite of the fact that they keep on claiming that it really exists a possible free use for 'Personal use' only.
    I've been blocked for the second time (with an offer of 10% discount on a professional license !!! :catlol: :manlol:... So funny, I was helping my sister, from home to home, on both our private local networks !

    They lie, of course! But they can't find the courage and honesty to say frankly and straight on that they no longer want users for free use.

    It was really a good remote control software... But not any tool as true value when those who manage its development and production have no moral values.
    My TV will not be easy to replace, but nothing and nobody is irreplaceable !... Anyway, I don't want to keep on playing this mad game, like a lottery, anymore... I let TV staff and managers play it without me.

    Isn't it funny that I had to answer a 'Feed Back form' asking about my satisfaction and notation !!!
    Here after what I did reply :

    "I'll consider again to useTV (which was a wonderful remote control sofware) when its staff  and managers will say clearly that they don't want anymore free of charge users... Unless it stops to block its users in personal use... But, anyhow, I'll never buy a Professional license. I'm a simple retired person and really not wealthy. 

    At least if you wanted  to be fair, you'll not censore those who post the name of alernative (third party) competitor ! Doing it, you shut and lock all the doors in order to let non professional users with not any solution.... Neither still using TeamViewer, for free, nor any other remote control software... Is it fairplay , really ?"

    So, I will not say here which other remote control software I'm using now because it will be censored (here, censore is something which works well at least ! Much better than true help !) ... Even though it is not as good as TV, it's OK and it will be always working with no sudden, for a month interruption at least)

    Farewell TeamViewer !... Welcome "other... Viewer"


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    Frankly dear 'Moderators', what was so unpleasant to read for you in  what I just posted a few minutes ago ?

    Did you feel really so uncomfortable for censoring it ? Was it too much true ?

  • Yeah, this is ridiculous.¬† Same issue here.

    Switching to **Third Party Product**.  Refusing to buy TV products, after this stunt.

  • same **bleep** is happening to me !!! i am trying to make an order for my sister and i can't coz every 5 minutes the connections shuts down !!! that's a joke !!! i can even send my logs to see that i am connecting on the same 3-4 pcs the last 3 years

  • Same problem. I have home media server and it need maintense sometimes. Also i can run on it game server, but in last 2 weeks i cant do anything with my server. I have to go to¬†balcony with monitor, mouse and keyboard. This is SO¬† UNCOMFORTABLE. What we should do to continie using free license?

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    Hi @cujo68000,

    Thank you for posting.

    Please read this article about what is "the Personal Use".

    This article answers your question.

    Hope it will be helpful for you.

    Best regards,

    Former Japanese Community Moderator
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    @cujo68000 wrote:

    Hi,  a few days ago teamviewer interrupts the connection due to suspected commercial use, but I am a teacher and I don't use teamviewer for commercial purposes, I need to use it to connect to the school server, Please let me use it in this way, thanks a lot.

    Regards, Gianluca G.

    I don't work for TeamViewer, but I believe that would be seen as commerical use - you're connecting to a place of business. TeamViewer states that a personal license covers connecting to a personal computer from another personal computer. If there is a valid use case for you to be able to access the school's servers from your home, your school should implement a system, such as a VPN. Or they can pay for the business license.

    TeamViewer has just started saying that they are detecting commercial use from my logins. I only access a machine from home using either my phone, or my laptop tethered through my phone. No idea how they can be deducing that I'm using it from a place of business, because I'm not.

    I'm going to start to look for alternatives.

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    Hi, a few days ago teamviewer interrupts the connection due to suspected commercial use, but I am a teacher of  Qilu University of Technology( Shandong Academy of Sciences) and I don't use teamviewer for commercial purposes, I need to use it to connect to the school server, Please let me use it in this way, thanks a lot.

  • I am an individual and have been using the free version for just over year. However, for some time now (Since updating to version 13) I keep getting random niggling issues/bugs, making it awkward to use the software as it keeps moving the 'goalposts.' This morning I got the same message as the above post. I am afraid it is the last straw! I have already been looking around for an alternative and have found two contenders which have great reviews and appear to be far superior than Teamviewer.

    Bye bye Teamviewer.
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    Hello Yuri_T. ... Hi @cujo68000 (and so sorry for you that you are "really" a "professional user" :mansad: )

    Reading  @cujo68000 post, we can understand he's obviously a "professional user" (at the sense of TeamViewer policy at least).

    So, I would say many thanks for the reply you sent him... But what about most of those who post here to say they have been blocked in spite of the fact that they really use TeamViewer only as private use ???  I mean, from their personal device to another personal device and from a private local network to another private local network. ... But yet, they are blocked !!!

    @cujo68000 should be "happy" :catsad:  to learn that he is a "professional user", :catsad: (at least, there is a "true good  reason" tfor he 's been blocked, and he can know that "good reason")... and it was so easy for you to tell him, because it's "true" (regarding TeamViewer's policy at least)... 

    ... But no moderator can reply a correct response to most of those who post here because they (we) are REALLY PRIVATE USERS, in true PERSONAL USE situation... Why can't you reply us ?... Would it be because the moderators have no reply to this question ?... If so, don't you think that, at least, you should tell us frankly ?

    I wish you a nice day, even though you wouldn't like to send  a pertinent response to my question. :cathappy:


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    Hi @sdh68k

    It seems that the "rule" :manlol: is:

    ... more than one device using the same network (whether it is a private local network or a professional company network).
    In fact, the software does not seem to know how to discriminate between these two types of networks. It can only recognize if there are more than one device using TeamViewer connected on the same network.
    So, if you use a private local network (like most of people in their homes), but you have TeamViewer installed on more than one device (a desktop PC and a mobile device, or a laptop...  etc) even though one of them is connected via Ethernet LAN, and the other via WiFi, your  private local network will be considered (detected) as a "professional network" (of course, this is wrong !).
    And this, both from your home and from the home of your correspondent. ... Then, one or the other, or both of them, will be blocked !

    TeamViewer developpers should know this, but it seems they don't mind, or they are unable to solve this problem... And they prefer to block true private users than to let some professional cheaters using the software as private use without paying a license.


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    Hello sdh68k, and Gianluca G.

    It seems that "the rule" is :
    Only a single device using TeamViewer and connected to the  private local network.
    If more, the software is unable to discriminate between a private local  network (like the one that most of us use at home) and a professional corporate network.
    If there is more than one device,  using TeamViewer, and connected to the same  network at the same time (e. g. 1 desktop PC, + 1 smartphone, or 1 laptop... and whether it is a private local network or a professional corporate network), the software will consider it (detect it) as a professional network... I can't see any other explanation ???
    And we're blocked !... It's unfair, but it is !

    I would like to add what I think of this way of penalizing real private free use, but I'm afraid I would be censored, even though I would express it very politely !


  • Beyond the rules, I use TeamViewer for the good of the students of the school where I teach, I do not see anything commercial in this way to use it.
    What does all this have to do with the profit and commercial use of TeamViewer? What damage am I getting?
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    Hello cujo68000

    I think that everybody understand you are sincere and you really use TeamViewer for "the good of your students" and it's a non-profit use. But, unfortunately, this is not the TeamViewer poilicy !

    It seems that you think somebody decides if your reason to use TeamViewer is "good" or not, and will judge if your way to use the software is properly "non commercial" ?

    Be sure that most of people who complain on this forum do the same use as yours, I mean "non-profit" use. But we are blocked too, like you.

    TeamViewer terms of Policy are not really explicit and change by  "Commercial" (or "Professional") use the real situation which is as following :   ... multiple devices, using TeamViewer, and connected on the same network, whether it is a private local network or a professional corporate network.

    This detection is made automatically and you cannot avoid it (several devices such as desktop computers or mobile devices or laptop). The same network  IP is detected as used by several devices, that's all !

    So, nobody will mind what is your way of use (if you wanted to charge your students, nobody could know this if you don't write or say it publicly)... neither "profit" or "non-profit" is the question, nor teaching several students or helping only one person who you'll charge or not !...

    As soon as you'll connect any computing device on a shared network by other devices using TeamViewer, you are considered as "Professional use"... nothing else !... and you, we, are blocked !

    And, finally, complaining of this on this forum is total useless as nobody can consider and solve individually your problem (as same as thousands of other persons who are in the same case as yours).

    Hope that my explanation can help you to understand better the situation :manhappy:


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    The best solution I found (for Windows 10) is to download teamviewer app from Windows Strore. It does not seem to have the licensing problem.

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    Here's another data point for reverse engineering TV's commercial use algorithm:  Only one of my computers is barred, the one that initiates sessions.  I am an extreme hobbyist, and I have more computers than I care to count.  Several of them are "headless" (no keyboard, mouse, monitor) using TV to modify them when necessary. (usually after @!$%!$ Microsoft updates). 

    I'm experimenting with a virtual machine as my initiator.  So far, so good.

    I'm also experimenting with alternatives to TV.  No joy there ... yet.

    Great engineers at TV, though I have no kind words for the management.  I hope those engineers are looking for new jobs. because they are next.