Cannot write in Windows UAC Passwords Field

Apoligies as I am writing this with a hot head.

We were forced to upgrade from a paid version of teamviewer 6 to a paid yearly subscription of the latest version, and one of the most baffling realizations we had  is that we - as administrators - are unable to write in the Windows UAC password field when remote accessing our company colaborators computers, with no solution but to verbally speak the password by phone to a low level employee.

A secondary remote application was immediatelly installed alongside teamviewer in all computers as the above is unacceptable and quite frankly ridiculous.

With google searches showing **bleep** responses around the subject instead of solutions, I must ask if this will be addressed or if we should outright cancel the subscription.


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  • JoshP
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    Hello @DanielCosta 

    Thank you for your post.

    What module do you use on these devices?

    If a Host module or a Full Version, there should be no issue interacting with the UAC prompts: Is TeamViewer UAC compatible?

    If connecting with a QuickSupport app, additional steps would be required as the QuickSupport application does not install: UAC for connections to QuickSupport

    However, if this is not what is occurring with your devices, or the inability to type is only in the UAC password field, I would recommend reaching out to support directly, either via phone or ticket, so they may look further in to the matter.

    Josh P.

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