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New License Purchase/Upgrade - No Confirmation or License Received (24 Hours Later)

I Upgraded and Purchased the Premium 50 user licence and paid on my credit card, i've had no confirmation and not received a license upgrade.

I called customer service on the phone and was on hold for 1 hour and 50 minutes of which i was told i was Number 1 in the cue for 1 hour and 20 minutes of the time, i was then disconnected abruptly with no response at all.

I paid over £800

If you cant support the additional demands STOP SELLING IT!!!!!


  • ConorDH
    ConorDH Posts: 21


    I recommend urgently seeking a refund and looking else where for your remote access needs. 

    To give an example of the level of service you can expect with Teamviewer, since Friday I have been on hold for a cumulative total of roughly 5 hours now.

    Similar problem to you, licenses not being received. I eventually received my promised call back from a sales manager, however all he did was try to upsell me to buy a muuuuuch more expensive license. He ignored the fact that licenses weren't sent for orders I paid for, and insinuated he'd be firing his team member for suggesting the cheaper solution in the beginning.

    The optics on this are terrible. It just seems like they want to profit as much as possible from the increase in demand, and given the timing I just find that disgusting. 

    Take care, avoid these people. 

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