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Is it able to control ipad from another ipad using Quicksupport app?

imtaikyimtaiky Posts: 2

I would like to control ipad#1 from another ipad#2.

ipad#1 is ios 12.4.5, which has Quicksupport app installed.

ipad#2 is ios 12.4.5, which has Teamviewr app installed.

Although I can share the screen of iPad#1 on #2, but I cannot control it. Any click or tap does not seem to be active.

Is there any wat to activate the remote control?



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  • VatsilidisVatsilidis Posts: 659 Star

    Hi @imtaiky 

    Could you please follow all the steps described in this related post?

    Best regards

  • imtaikyimtaiky Posts: 2

    Hi @Vatsilidis,

    Yes, I have followed the instruction. However, as I menioned in my last post, I can share the screen, but cannot remotely control it

    Do you have anything that you think of to make it possible?

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