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Long Key Hold Bug


when holding down a key continuously such as "spacebar" or "alt", Teamviewer sends this as repeaded single key press command.

A proper key hold command transmissio would be crucial for working with Apps such as Photoshop / Autodesk Maya / Autocad etc.

Works without a problem in **Third Party Product**, so seems to be technically possible,

Would be great if that could be fixed!

Thanks a lot and best regards



  • JeanK
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    Hello @MeyerAdrian,

    Thank you for your message and welcome to the TeamViewer Community! ?

    I could not reproduce this issue on a test device: When holding down a key continuously such as "spacebar" or "alt", Teamviewer sends it correctly as a long key hold.

    Could you please try to disable hardware acceleration on your devices and try again? We explain how to proceed here: Disable hardware acceleration 

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  • AElmore7085
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    Realize this is a bit late, but for people who stumble upon this, although here's another topic with a slight workaround:

    A workaround (also mentioned in the above topic) worked well enough for me, IF you are able to remap the long-press key (Which you can do in maya at least). For maya, remapping the hotbox to shift+space instead of just space fixed this issue entirely, don't know why, but it did. Must have something with the difference in how Maya interprets combined keypress holds compared to single key holds. I've never had to remap ctrl/shift due to this issue, but it at least works for when space is required.

    I can confirm that disabling hardware acceleration did not fix the issue. From the above topic, it sounds like this is just how key presses get sent on Teamviewer currently. If you open up a key-press testing program/app and hold down the key it shows that rather than being held the key is just being pressed repeatedly rather than just being held down.

    The fact that multi-key and mouse/key combinations seem to work might have to do with with what the program qualifies as letting go of a multi-key press versus a single key press. Since Teamviewer is sending rapid key presses, a single key is going to repeatedly send the key up event, whereas detection of multi-key presses changes depending on the program. Yes, the both keys are repeatedly sending a key up event, but neither are in sync, so at any given point in the hold, at least one key of the combination is counted as pressed. Similar reasoning for the mouse input, though I'm sure mouse holds are handled differently. Just a theory, anyways, and it might still be an unintended effect, but does seem to explain why it happens.

    Hope the workaround helps someone who stumbles on this.