Cancellation Policy is a disgrace

I've requested cancellation as we no longer use the product and now you're threatening the debt collection agency on us. Considering the awkward time due to the pandemic, the underhand nature of how you inform your customers, slow responses to email queries and overall hidden and difficult process to cancel.

I have no other words than to call your practices shady and underhand, you are an absolute disgrace of a company

Also if I do payup, you don't appear to have accepted my cancellation request!!

So get this!




  • Gman85
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    Not only this, try getting support out of them just to get your account activated. The only service I got so far is their auto responder.

  • Also now that they have threatened me with a debt collection I've very begrudgingly decided to pay up but the portal won't accept the payment "last name" length must equal or less then 25 characters's 13 long, last time I checked that was less then 25.

    Also, I cannot give notice of the cancellation till the 28 day window opens up again, teamviewer you're a disgrace 

  • Yuri_T
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    Hi All,

    Thank you for your post.  I understand your anger and frustration, however we are unable to affect or provide direct support in cancellation or licensing issues here in the community, for security purposes. Cancellation requests must be received in written form, which is easiest via the ticket system, you have already done.

    Regarding TeamViewer subscriptions, the license does renew unless cancelled prior, as stated on the bottom of the original invoice.

    If you have an issue with the payment, please contact our support team. They will assist you individually.

    We thank you for your understanding and I apologize for any inconvenience caused.

    Kind regards,

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  • We just got caught out by this too. No renewal notice received. We cancelled on day 27 - again because of how Covid has affected our business and I'm told there is no flexibity - PAY UP.

    This is how underhand photocopier businesses worked in the 80's, hide the renewal in the small print and be completly inflexible.

    Every other SaaS business we've dealt with during the pandemic has bent over backwards to be helpful - some cancelling contracts early, other giving long periods where they invoiced at zero per month.

    Team viewer, it seems just want to screw their customers for whatever they can.

    Will NEVER do business with this company again and I will make sure that everyone I know finds out how they treat their customers.

  • BobbyB1219
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    Yes, this policy is a bunch of **bleep**. It's the ONLY subscription-based product I've run into with this cancellation policy. I use SB products all the time, and they cancel immediately. There is no reason they need 28 days' notice beside it being a sneaky way for them to steal money from customers.