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iOS 14 device to support Android 10 device

iOS 14 device to support Android 10 device

I wonder which are all technical and non-technical prerequisites to be fulfilled in order iOS 14 device can support Android 10 device. Case description:

Both sides are private user.

Supporter peer behind firewall, supported peer firewall unclear (latter one for sure behind broadband mobile modem+router).

Supported peer: Android 10, One UI 2, Knox 3.5, Samsung A50, TeamViewer QuickSupport installed and in use, Addon for remote control still not installed

Supporting peer: iOS 14, TeamViewer app installedfrom App Store not before 3 days ago.

Latest try to conduct remote support failed. Supporter initiated connection, supportee received connection request and got question to allow incoming connection, suportee allowed connection, on supporters side certain message is displayed for a fraction of one second then disappearse. Finally connection was not established. iOS TV app log was saved locally and is available for analysis.

I wonder if missing addon for remote control is the reason of encountered problems.

If yes, is that addon for Samsung A50 available for download in Samsung Galaxy app store?

Or should we rather take universal app?

What else could be the root cause?


This is the message which supporter peer (iOS 14) gets during it awaits supportees allowance to connect and during latter one pushes onto Allow button: "Your partner didn't confirm your query to view his screen. The connection was close". It pops up while supporter is awaiting allowance from supportee and latter one tips onto Allow button (it is the same what I meant by "error message shown for a fraction of one second").

Below log captured on supporter side (iOS 14, TeamViewer app):

[The logfile has been removed as per the community guidelines.]



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  • Big thanks to JeanK for hints.

    I guess you mean supported device as for situation here A50 is supported one.

    Do your hints apply also to the case supported user has no problems to get and see inquiry for incoming connection acceptance? For problem here supported user gets inquiry without problems and can tip onto Allow space.

    In meantime myself reviewed other threads here addressing Samsung devices as supported side then get the understanding for A50 no add-on needs to be installed. Is my understanding right?

  • JeanK
    JeanK Posts: 4,205 Moderator

    Hello @3rdWind,

    Yes, sorry, I meant the supported device here. ?

    This workaround is only valid for devices that have the issue patterns you have described in your initial message.

    Yes, this is correct - for Samsung devices, you only need to have Knox activated.

    You can find more information and the list of supported Samsung devices here: List of Android manufacturers - Samsung 

    Best regards


    French Community Moderator
  • Thanks for additional information.

    Where to find more details regarding what the setting you mean effects in the end of day?

    Sorry for annoying, I still don't understand the relation this setting seems to show to situation where supported user has no problems to get incoming connection acceptance inquiry nor has problems to give their acceptance.

    Is there any place in web showing screenshot of screen with setting you mean visible I could share with my supported partner - my peer understands only pictures if it concerns IT?

  • JeanK
    JeanK Posts: 4,205 Moderator

    Hello @3rdWind,

    Sure - here is our article explaining mobile to mobile connections: Connections From Mobile to Mobile Devices 

    Best regards


    French Community Moderator
  • Thanks for link. I was not able to findreferences to QS app setting mentioned in this thread in linked article . However in the meantime it was possible to have contact with a user of computer affiness certain level. We could find together the setting then enable it. It help. Connection works now from iOS 14 to Android 10. Thank you.

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