TeamViewer 9 & 10 End-of-Life



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    Paying a lifetime license fee after 10 years of not being used is a very unfair act of the GMBH.

    I think this is an unacceptable behavior. I request a refund for that. Who would buy a license for a company that does this? Despite the presence of **Information removed as per Community Guidelines**'s free remote desktop, the GmbH is behaving like a vicious company despite the need to more and more appeal to customers.

  • gobulon
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    What do people who believe in the GMBH and pay for it if they stop using it for less than 10 years, even though they have purchased a lifetime license?

    I think this is an unacceptable behavior. I request a refund for that. Who would buy a license for a company that does this? Despite the presence of **Information removed as per Community Guidelines**'s free remote desktop, the GmbH is behaving like a vicious company despite the need to more and more appeal to customers.

  • Start2_0
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    From this morning our perpetual TV5 license that they forced us to update for free to TV9 stopped to work.

    i am just another unhappy customer. I'd be interested in any class action suit as well.

    Useless to say that in case TV decide to not observe the agreement we signed, in the worst situation we will switch to competitor products.


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    We also purchased a perpetual license. The amount was very large! The cycle policy introduced a few years after the purchase violates our rights !!! I join the lawsuit and protest!

  • PrimozG
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    Same with our perpetual license. Opened support ticket early in the morning. No answer yet. Another unhappy customer and I'd be interested in any class action suit as well.

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    I had an email saying something would happen from june (not Jan)

    To ensure the highest security and fastest connections possible, Server Services for TeamViewer versions 9 and 10 will be discontinued, effective June 1, 2021.

    How does this affect me?

    As of June 1, 2021, connections outside your network with TeamViewer 9 and 10 licenses will not be possible.

  • dchandler
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    Hi All,

    When I purchased my license I was told that it was perpetual, as in "forever".

    Then get email 21Dec20 saying EndOf Life June1st 2021...But TODAY 4th January 2021 CANNOT USE.

    I am told that my PERPUTAL LICENSE is INVALID!!!!!

    Loved TeamViewer to start with and promoted its use now feel "Shafted".

    There must be better solutions out there!

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    Apparently since today my TV v9 LIFETIME LICENSE (!!) no longer works!

    I will NEVER use this product or any other from this company again. What a bunch of unreliable crooks. Unbelievable!

    If anyone wants to start a class action suit, please include me as well, I don't even care how much it will cost.

  • Another unhappy client,

    I can not use may perpetual TV5 license today 4th January 2021, if you don't fix this I want a refound cause this is not the produt I bougt.

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    Yes, I'd be interested in a class action lawsuiit. I have a number of law firms as clients which I reached out to a few. They all agree this is clearly a breach of cotract and not legal should anyone choose the enforce their rights.

  • ChetCo
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    Count me in on the class action law suite. If TV doesn't come to their senses I have found another product that I will switch to. I would never do business with a company that does not honor their agreements. This constitutes a fraud.

  • KGI
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    Here is a copy of the TeamViewer EULA. Our purchase order did not specify that the license was limited to any amount of time.

    Section 16 says, "Unless otherwise specified in the Order, the Contract runs for an indefinite period of time. TeamViewer shall be entitled to extraordinarily terminate the Contract in a case of section 11.8(iii) as well as in case of section 3.2 of the DPA (cf. C. below). Either party shall be entitled to terminate the Contract for good cause. Sections 13.3 and 13.4 shall apply accordingly."

    additional notes for reference:

    Section 11.8(iii) is in regards to late payment. We paid the full amount so there are no late payments.

    Section 3.2 terms of use are in regards to a Subscriptions. We purchased a perpetual license so that would use the license on as many machines as we wanted indefinitely.

    Sections 13.3 and 13.4 are also in relation to Subscriptions. Again we purchased a perpetual license and that does not pertain to our license.

  • Esther
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    Answer ✓

    Hi all - I wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year!

    As promised before I posted an update to this topic now in a new thread as it applies both to this announcement as well as for the announcement for the TeamViewer 8 End-of-life.

    Thanks for your patience and best,


    Former Community Manager

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    Thank you for the update @Esther.

    For those that are willing to accept the terms of the "Complimentary TeamViewer 15 access for legacy versions to be deprecated" post, is this going to happen automatically or does something need to be done to have the existing license work with Teamviewer 15.

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    So that TeamViewer for Lifetime licenses a new version available free of charge, is also the least. I ask myself of course the question, who takes over the COST for this Upgrades... ?

    With the last FORCE on version 9 I have almost "4" weeks long clients updated, and often the customer had to help, because I by deactivating the version 6, no longer came to the client ran, to update it to version 9. If there is no RDP running, it will be difficult and inconvenient for me AND my customers...

    I will probably send an invoice to TeamViewer, and sue them if necessary... I do service work for TeamViewer (because THEY want to get rid of their old versions). Let's see what a lawyer says about it.


    Esther / Posts: 2,932 / Community Manager / 4:42PM

    EXTRACT: "The same applies to TeamViewer 5-7 licenses that have been migrated to TeamViewer 9 previously. For TeamViewer 5 licenses, the 10-year period would have expired on December 31, 2020, but we decided to prolong it to June 1, 2021."

    Are they kidding me or what!?

    That is,

    my first purchased TV5 license from 2010 hereby becomes valid again, and then expires in June 2021....

    So LIFETIME means = 10 years

    I want to see the TEXT in the contract...

    I could puke...

  • Czaja0
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    This is not funny what is going on here right now.

    I've bought liftime version of TV5!!! Lifetime is not equal 10 years. There was nothing about when I bought it and what is more no one from the support team ever said a word that our licenses will last only 10 years.

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    Another TV5 licence holder here. To treat some of your longest standing customers like this is pretty incredible, even if we ignore the questionable legal part of this. We have licences for every version since 5, i guess we can expect to lose all of them eventually ? Guess it's finally time to find an alternative, at least there are tons of them out there now.

    EDIT should've read the original article, yea i will eventually lose all of them; but this: " irrespective of differing legal contexts for the license cohorts"...

    You offer a lifetime licence to attract customers and build your business, you don't just throw them in the trash when you get big enough. Also very interested to participate in legal actions for the arrogance alone.

  • Softsul
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    I am Brazilian and we have two lifetime licenses from the team viewer. The reason for ending a lifetime license has not been clarified.

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    can we all use another way of grievance social media like Twitter.

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    Hi All,

    I don't consider TV's response above as acceptable. At the and of 2021 we'll all be in the same position in that we'll loose access to the service that we've paid for, in good faith. To me 'Lifetime' license means just that, no caveats. I'd be very suprised if any court would uphold TV's arguement. TV have simply not kept their side of the contractual agreement.

    I think we should collectively approach a commercial law firm that would take this case on a no-win-no-fee basis.

    I also suggest that we need to find some method of communicating outside this forum - If anyone havs any suggestions, please post them here in the first instance.

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    Your offer is not an offer at all, 10 years after purchase have past already, so you basically tell us to go *** ourselves.

    What about the fact that in spite of your messages, we are already disconnected?

    I have double checked: it is not yet 1 June

    oh, btw: also very cool that this company does not dignify itself to respond to emails and makes it impossible to get in touch with someone at all, apart from using this buggy forum software.

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    A perpetual license by definition is just that....perpetual. There EULA states they will provide a free upgrade if a mandatory change is required. They are making this mandatory. So where is the free upgrade for perpetual license owners??

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    anyone who wishes to pursue this?

    Please email me at **Do Not Post Email Addresses**

  • PCSupportTech
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    anyone who wishes to pursue this?

    Please email me at **Do Not Post Email Addresses**

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    Ok, what if we have about 50 groups and about 500 computers ?? How do I verify the versions they have?

    There is no such option in the Management Consol! This should be the basis!

    Does anyone know the solution to my problem?

  • Other than the posts in this forum, has anyone received a follow up email or anything official stating the new terms of this free upgrade? Any details on how your license works? Can it work on any version prior to 15? Has anyone already upgraded, have not seen anything here yet. Does upgrading use one of your license "moves"? If I didn't log in here because of my anger towards teamviewer, I would have no clue of an upgrade availability. Will there be some BS caviet that prevents future class action/legal action buried & worded to be hidden in the new terms? I think I'd prefer the legal side and get the lifetime service I was told I was paying a lot of cash for. I have lost all trust of teamviewer and now wonder about teamviewer's security and privacy (see other thread on ads forced on paid subscribers) after this despicable act. Can we really trust them with our information any more?

    Wonder how many poor souls just give in and gave teamviewer money without even considering how wrong it is. Even the 10 year thing is BS really. Long term bait and switch. Really pitiful way of running a business. So shameful. Can no longer even think of recommending teamviewer any more, now have to warn against.