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    To be fair to Teamviewer there must be thousands of commercial users using the free version which is lost revenue for Teamviewer and arguably unfair to those commercial users who do the right thing and pay. So I'm not surprised that Teamviewer are taking actions to identify free commercial use.

    But where Teamviewer have failed totally is how they, without warning, simply don't allow affected users any amount of time to rectify the situation. Teamviewer should have notified affected users (via a pop up for example) that their use is deemed 'commercial' and that after (say) 30 days their Teamviewer app will be disabled unless payment is made OR the user sends in a 'reset management' appeal.

    This, in my opinion, would be much more fair to all users as well as Teamviewer and would significantly reduce the amount of complaints. Also, probably most importantly, users who are genuinely helping vulnerable people would be able to continue the support and able to take actions to continue doing so (by sending in a reset management form).

    I'm sure that many Teamviewer staff (such as @Esther) are understanding user's situation and trying to change things but probably bureaucracy within Teamviewer makes it difficult to change things.

  • Stephan3
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    Hi I am being disconnected now as I think my account was wrongly flagged as commercial use. How do I reset my account to personal use.

  • wrapper
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    I am getting the same thing.

    No answers?

  • BillGray
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    I have been a TeamViewer Free user for 4 years - with my family. I have a Win 7 system, my daughter has a Win 7 system, and my wife a Win 10 system.  I have no problem staying connected to the Win 7 system - but the Win 10 system times out after about 45 seconds.  Is there a problem between TeamViewer and Win 10 systems?  When I try to reconnect to the Win 10 system, I get the following notice:

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Connection blocked after timeout.

    Your license limits the maximum session duration to a partner, immediate reconnects are blocked.

    Please try later or upgrade your license.

    Connection to this partner will be blocked until _________.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Thank you, Bill Gray

  • dsevey
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    I have submitted the PDF requesting my FREE license to be reinstated, as it was incorrectly flagged for commercial use. How long does it take Teamviewer to reset the FREE license?

  • mrbquick
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    I need help with the same issue. I was just flagged for commercial use on my personal computer and iphone.

  • tokasha
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    keep getting warning message that im using teamviewer corporate use and block connection while i have been using it for personal use for years.

  • AT_Alien
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    I am having this same issue and now cant access all three of my pcs. Would love some support on this.

  • ezpzsolutions
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    Here is some support. Use a new host to remote from. It would solve all your problems. Everyone nowadays should have a tablet regardless android or apple, you can use that to remote into your three PCs.

  • I connect to my 90-year old mother's computer when she's having trouble with her computer. Lately, as soon as I connect using the correct log in information, it disconnects the connection immediately and says that the connection has timed out and I didn't even have the time to see anything. It is the free version of TeamViewer. What should I do to get it to work?

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    I'm having a similar problem. I help several family members but TeamViewer is always a guessing game as to whether or not I can connect. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I tried helping my 89 yr old Uncle last night and got cut off after about a minute and had to revert to helping him by phone - wasn't an easy task.. Error message said I used up my time (about 1 minute). I had a similar problem in the past - but got totally disconnected on my account. I had to have Teamview staff review my account and grant the free access again. I may have to do that again if I can find out how to contact them again. They say its free for non-commercial use but it's really at their discretion.

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    Hi, I use TeamViewer to support my 93 yr old mother's computer. For some reason, I get a time-out when I try to log in to her computer.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Jim T.

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    Hi, Friends,

    How do I prevent free version from timing out after only a few seconds?

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    teamviever error 'session expire and close' , impossible to reconnect cause im not premium, for couple min, after this delay i retry => add min to the delay NICE ! I WAIT A LOT MORE TIME it work.. less than 1 min after connexion broke again..

    Cant use tv more than 5m

  • 301493528
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    I read the allowed non-commercial free license terms.

    I do what to help my church's staff with no payment to me.

    I read that helping even a nonprofit entity like a church "in kind" (no money to me) required a commercial license.

    So, I "paid the piper". Arrrgggg.

  • FBertone
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    I have the same problem - just an 85 year old mother instead! This started a couple of months ago - it times out within a minute or so and then won't let me on again. I've updated the version and it still does it.

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    Here we go again!!!

    After about a year and a half, Teamviewer has once again started accusing me of using it for commercial purposes, which I am definitely not. I am using it to remotely control the computers, laptops and tablets in my home. My usage hasn’t changed since the last time you reset it to “free” except for a couple of the devices have been replaced.

    Please, please reset it to “free” so that it doesn’t randomly close the connections.

  • JackPatela
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    I use TeamViewer ONLY to support my elderly (81 and 91 year old) parents.

    I started to receive “Connection blocked after timeout” message when connecting to them.

    Could you please explain how my use of TeamViewer violated conditions of Free licence.


  • OtaconNZ
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    This just happened to me in less then 24 hours ago, cant even remote into my media PC anymore because of this.

  • Ingrid_Pellegrini
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    I have a free user license in order to help my parents with occasional PC items, etc. It used to work OK, but now it kicks me off after 10 sec? It then says that I can reconnect after 16 min or I can update to the latest version. I already have the latest one.

    I don't use TeamViewer commercially, so what is the issue and how do I solve it?

  • Ingrid_Pellegrini
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    Same thing happened to me. Can't help my 88 year old dad to get medications. BAD!

  • Trueaggie
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    I'm done with TeamViewer. Whatever algorithm they chose to weed out the commercial users is broken. I'm not sending in a bunch of personal information when it's pretty clear that 2 PCs and a phone are not commercial. Once again a good product gets corrupted by corporate bureaucrats.

  • a7upspot
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    I submitted the PDF requesting that my FREE license be reinstated June 1st, as it was incorrectly flagged for commercial use. How long does it take Teamviewer to reset the FREE license?

  • dkc1959
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    Yep Teamviewer's broken for me again too ... been working fine for ages, but now disconnects after 60 seconds with the commercial use message. Trying to support elderly parents that I can't visit physically due to COVID lockdown ...

    I've done the Teamviewer webform days ago ... no response yet

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    All of a sudden, my sessions are automatically closed after a minute. Why did this start happening?

    Prior to this (before the most recently software update), whenever I switched apps, it would also force close my session but at least I was able to fix things before getting booted out.

  • htfiddler
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    A retired computer engineer friend has been working with me over Teamviewer for over a year. He is writing a program for my personal use. Neither me nor my programmer friend have any intention to sell this software. In the last few months we have had some problems making the connection from his computer to mine, but somehow we got around them. Yesterday however, he made a half dozen connections, only to be thrown off after only 30 to 60 seconds. Teamviewer then shows him a message, "It looks like you are using teamviewer for commercial use", and wants us to pay $50/month to continue. We do not understand why. How can we continue to use Teamviewer for personal use?

  • KenInOz
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    Since latest update, my sessions keep timing out (personal licience) I used teamviewer for home and friends connections, but now it is useless, can't keep a connection open for longer than 15-30 seconds