Do we have a post "Known issues" somewhere?

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Since we migrated to the new TeamViewer, we see a lot of issues and I see that the TV support is under water. So I was looking for a thread or post, where currently known issues are listed with an ETA for a fix.

This way, users could be informed and support has more time for the other important stuff.


  • AlenaC
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    Thanks for the continued feedback regarding the TeamViewer Community @flospi!

    Currently, there is no specific forum here regarding known issues. However, when users report issues, we do our best to confirm any information regarding them internally. In many cases, you may find an answer from a moderator or other TeamViewer Staff regarding a specific issue in a post from our users, so we recommend searching for the specific issue encountered. 

    Our changelogs can also provide insight into resolved issues from previous versions; please note, however, that they may not contain specific information on all issues.

    💡You may find them here: Changelogs



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  • flospi
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    Hey @AlenaC , thanks for the answer. I do believe that you take care of customer reports. But it would be great if you had the mentioned "Known Issues" somewhere. I opened a couple of tickets and was often referred to a later version of the client or it was forwarded to the development team.

    It would really benefit your supporters. In the past, I would get an answer within a day after opening a ticket. At the moment I wait at least 3 days. Normally my preferred language is set to German, and I get automatically translated answers from supporters in Australia or Italy... So, take some work from them and start the "known issues" list somewhere!