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Hi TeamViewer Community!

After a few weeks of getting feedback on our TeamViewer 13 Beta version, we are happy to announce that the final version of TeamViewer 13 is now available.

To celebrate this in the Community, we are opening this board for all questions and comments in regards to TeamViewer 13 final!

You can download the new version from our website or you can search for the update via your TeamViewer software. Just click on Help --> Check for new version and start the update. 

Please keep in mind that you will need a valid license for TeamViewer 13 or a TeamViewer subscription to use the final version of TeamViewer 13 for commercial use.

Enjoy the new features and let us know your feedback in this thread.

All the best,


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    Thanks for this announcements,



    mLipok , AutoIt MVP
  • I might also enjoy doing it
    I can not register because it exits that the password is not valid
    your support me non stop restores the stupid lineage and let me buy version 13
    You transferred us Paid versions 12 to the free version 13
    and now for the next three days we are turning into a circle
    First, it took two days for your server to accept the payment
    I'm sad but I do not have a valid password

  • Esther
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    Hi @bogica

    Thank you for your post.

    What password are you referring to? The password to your Computers & contacts list?

    Thank you, Esther

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  • We paid for the team version 13 and got the account on which the activation team for Team 13 was. But on my computer, when switching from version 12 to version 13 of business mode, I went into free mode. I can not now activate my own version 13. The cipher we get on the account says it's not valid when I try to activate it.So when we talk about ciphers, I mean team viewer, of course, not to roam the circle


  • Esther
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    Hi @bogica

    Please activate the license for TeamViewer 13 on your TeamViewer account and after activating it, you can log in to your Computers & contacts list on up to three devices to use the license for your connections.

    Please have a look at this Knowledge Base article to learn more about the license activation.

    Thank you, Esther

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  • Iam not able to activate my team viewer license PLease help

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    I purchased the upgrade to Teamviewer 13 but have held off switching and am still using version 12 since from all these posts I see 13 is still a mess! I'm surprised and annoyed that Teamviewer took my money but seems to have put out what still amounts to an unfinished beta product.

  • hathai
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    I do not know how to turn off the update. Does anyone know just us?
    Why do I install new teamview 13 again due to proxy error? How to solve this problem?


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  • i cant download on site, can fix this?

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    Hi Ester I have a question :) I'm not having any problems just waiting for more features in Linux. All my Windows computers are fine, install sign-in to see contacts no problem.

    My concern is this:
    "you can log in to your Computers & contacts list on up to three devices to use the license for your connections."

    99.9% of the time I'm on the same computer four different OS's Xubuntu x64 (Default main), Windows 8 Pro VM in Xubuntu, Windows 10 Pro (HORRIBLE OS) and Windows 8 Pro. Since it's three logins I log into Linux, Win 8 in VM Linux and Windows 8 Pro (Deleted the Win 10).
    "Deactivate device"

    But when I was deleting machines I noticed something that said moves remaining? It was down to like 6? What does that mean? If I'm out during the day not often LOL I will login on another computer if one of my customers is having an emergency. I normally deactivate one device on my account, add the one I'm on, delete it when I get back to my main system.

    So will I run out of logins?
    This appears to be something new in version 13?
    I don't do it that often but if I run out then what do I do?

    Under Profile - License
    "These are the devices you are currently using with your account. Install Desktop Applications Detected installations: 3 Remaining moves: 6" (What does remaining moves mean)

    Thank you for you time! 

  • Esther
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    HI @beast-usa

    Thanks for your question.

    Yes, the Business license is meant to be "restricted" to 3 devices and it always comes with 10 licence moves that will allow you to transfer the licence to a new TeamViewer ID if you obtained a new ID on your device or if you switch computers.

    Generally spoken, you do not have to worry about using up your licence moves -- this is exactly what they are for. Should you ever run out of licence moves, you are welcome to give our Customer Support team a call or send them a ticket via

    If you used up the licence moves within a reasonable timespan, the Customer Support team will be able to reset them for you, no questions asked. If you need a floating license or simply need to work with TeamViewer from more than 3 devices, you can always upgrade your subscription to a Premium package. But for this, I recommend calling our Sales team directly  :-)

    I hope I could answer your question.

    Have a great start into your day,


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  • beast-usa
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    Thank you Esther :)
    Sorry about miss spelling your name in the last post. :)
    As soon as the Linux version has upload and tabbed hint hint hint lol I will be careful on the moves. Right now I'm using all on the same machine just three OS'es one is VM windows inside my Linux. Then Windows 8, I removed the Windows 10.

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    hello !!! have the new version stopped giving remote printing feature in older windows versions like vista and xp ??????

  • The difference I between the business and premium is usage from up to 3 devices and the other is flexible usage from anywhere. what is that difference???




  • when is the mac TV 13 coming out? i Put 13 on my pc now my mac and pc cant TV